Clown Slipping mood debuff Counter

We’ve all been there, clown walks up close, gives you a hug then proceeds to drop their pda and boom Humiliated.

How can anyone recover from such a disgrace.

The clowns worst enemy…Laughter

I propose that laughing after a slip removes the slip negative debuff and replaces it with a positive that prank was funny moodlet. Also other crew members who laugh close to the slipped person also receive the positive moodlet.

Clowns will never be able to recover from positively helping the crew and will be forced to take up real jobs to intergrate into society.


you can technically already do this since having the laughter chemical inside of you removes the slipping moodlet and gives you a positive one, a good clown should fill his water flower with his canned laughter and use it on people they slipped but that’s only if good clowns exist



you & i both know that every good clown was lynched already

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Help me, Dinky the Clown. You’re my only hope.

You must return, and bring balance to the honk


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