Clown ban by ZodrakDovah

CKEY: Honkhonkclown

Admin’s CKEY: Zodrakdovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both, applied on LRP

Ban Type: Job Ban from Clown

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/3/19

Round ID: 8710

Ban Reason: Has an incredibly long list of notes, of chain flashing players, getting killed for it, ahelping it, being rude in ahelps, ick ocking, using meta knowledge and ghost roles to metagrudge, abusing power as sec, vox spamming as AI, being incompotent as head roles to the point where he gets role banned, and overall bad conduct and overescalation. All of these together aren’t worth a sec ban, or a server ban. But I believe the role that requires the most self control and has the intention to be for trolling is just not for you. You start conflicts as every role and you picking clown seems to be your go to for messing with people to a rule breaking extent. Appeal on the forums if you believe it unjust.

Appeal Reason: I didn’t even actually do anything wrong in that round other than call Zodrak a citadelmin for freaking out over basically nothing in terms of escalation. I was playing clown, asked chemist for lube and he complied and gave me a shitload. I had him let me into storage to get the spray bottle for lube use, but “Dr. Greytide” the Medical Doctor stole it and said something along the lines of “no lube for you”. I later saw him in the medbay and decided to banana peel him. He responded to a typical clown banana peel as a non-antag by chainflashing me. Given his meme name and immediate chainflashing I punched him back because I rightly assumed that he was going to try and murder me. He then pulled an improvised shotgun out and blasted me. I ahelped at this point because of the extreme self antag/overescalation of shotgunning a clown for minor self defense/a single banana slip. Zodrak responded to the ticket complaining about MY escalation because I had kicked him twice after the chainflash but before the shotgunning. I responded that it was completely valid escalation and that being chainflashed generally means someone is going to try and kill you (I was correct about this) and he continued to claim it was invalid escalation and I got annoyed and told him he was acting like a citadel admin by being this anal about insignificant escalation. He resolved the ticket by banning the Dr. Greytide guy for 2 weeks server ban and banning me Clown for 1 week.

Additional Information: Half the notes and or bans he cited as justification for this stupidity are either misrepresented or by his own admission false. The “abuse of power as sec” thing is referencing a job ban for 1 week from command/sec that he also made on me and later admitted was false. The other notes are either exaggerated or irrelevant to the actual case. For example, vox spam/shitposting as AI is such a minor event that I’m surprised it’s even a note and it doesn’t at all pertain to a clown ban? And the “ick ock” was meatwad muting me for shitting on the monkey gamemode in OOC during a monkey round because it’s legit a garbage game mode which is again in no way related to the Clown ban but he still decided to cite it as a ban reason for it. Finally “metagrudging” is I guess a reference to an incident where I metagamed as holopara which is again unrelated and didn’t ultimately lead to anything. It feels like he was just butthurt about being called a citadelmin and realized he didn’t have an excuse to server ban me so he just pulled this clown ban out of his ass.

You called my a citadelmin after I banned you, so no it was not my reason, my reason is in the ban reason. You tend to pick clown and mess with the whole station by picking fights according to notes and personal experiences with you, you also tend to harass majority of the station to the point where someone tries to stop you, you hit them, they kill you, you ahelp it, they may be in the wrong for over escalation, and normally you throwing the first punch wouldn’t make a difference, but this isn’t the first offense and isn’t the first time this exact scenario has taken place. Your reasoning for attacking is his meme name and claims that he was going to kill you if you did nothing, that is not a reason to attack at all. Saying admins are lazy is not a valid reason to validhunt. You only do these things as clown, because if you did it as any other you would be breaking rule 1. All you do is pick clown, go on a rule 1 spree, as soon as someone tries to detain you, you attack them, then ahelp once they kill you, along with tons of other shitter like behavior, vox spamming, ick ocking, and just starting fights in general. I don’t hate you, I don’t dislike you, I can tell you are angry and i’m sorry but you cause a bit of trouble from your end as clown.

It’s not really attacking when it’s 2 or 1 punches, also chainflashing someone is valid for escalation and critting someone for a punch and being slipped is not.
Dr.Greytide ban should have been a day ban due to the clown attacking and him overescalating quite a bit, and clown should have not been banned at all due to him trying to validly escalate a conflict which started by the offender stealing his shit and the clown fighting back in a non-harmful way.

If he was going to murder you wouldn’t he have done it when you were stunned from being flashed repeatedly?

Not to mention that “he was gonna murder me” is not a valid reason for striking the first blow when you don’t know his intentions.

and here’s why I called him a citadelmin. His idea of escalation is essentially “always let them attack you first and get your ass clapped then ahelp it later unless they’re already valid” and belongs to an MRP server more than 100 pop bee where that gets you killed 9 times out of 10

Either you’re just making this argument because you’re actually a citadelmin or you’re willfully being stupid as an excuse to enforce a bullshit ban. Ask literally any player with a modicum of experience on SS13 what they’d do when a guy named “Greytide” started chainflashing and 9/10 players would answer defend themselves. It makes no sense at all in any capacity of LRP, MRP, or even HRP unless you’re playing by shitmin rules. Your response was appropriate for if I had fucking detonated a suicide grenade or tried to blast him with a gun for flashing me, especially considering one of the notes you cited for this horseshit was an extremely similar situation in which i flashed a guy and he chopped off all four of my limbs with tided plascutters as assistant and the admemes marked it as valid when I ahelped but I get a 1 week ban for PUNCHING a guy doing the same thing?

uhh he shot me pretty soon after flashing me with his improv shotgun but not immediately after, he was pretty unrobust. He later tried to follow up shoot me after flash+drag into morgue but some random others lynched him for being a retard

Not entirely sure why you are calling him a citadelmin, insulting an Admin will not get you anywhere.

because he has repeatedly shown that he is one. He bans for entirely asspull reasons off of a grudge and uses shit that he’s admitted was false as an excuse for it.

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So what I’m getting is… you got banned for punching someone twice after they chainflashed you? Notes aside, this isn’t really overescalation. If anything some minor damage is good to make people run away.

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Based Clown ban. Heh

I know your feel honker. Honk on

Yeah, if you were a new player simply hitting someone for chain flashing you, that would be fine, but the entire round you were throwing players into glass tables and overall causing havoc, eventually someone tries to stop you, and you strike them, if you were new or this was the first time this exact scenario went down, you would be fine.

But your notes show that you do this kindof thing often, get killed and ahelp it, and even some feedback that you are rude in ahelps. I have no grudge against you clown, and don’t see a reason why I should have a grudge against you at all.

Oh look, Zodraks ego got bruised and some on ended up with a ban, what a shocking turn of events!

Can we please get a real fucking admin in here, some one who doesn’t just ban people who hurt their feelings to get a fair outcome on this?

Zodrak’s shitty minship affects literally everyone on the server.

If you truly feel that way then please file a staff member report with your evidence, if I truly am impacting the server in a negative way to a large scale, I would like to know.

As to your claim, I have nothing to be angry about, this is a ban appeal for a ban I administered because I thought it necessary. If I am a badmin, I want you to point it out, not saying I want to be demoted but because if I can change something for the better, then I want to.

You literally banned a guy out of pettiness here because he hurt your feelings. You are the definition of admin abuse.

Don’t worry, your feedback thread is coming.

I banned him for breaking rule 1 as clown for things he has done repetitively, and wasn’t in game or involved so I don’t see why I seem angry, but I look forward to reading your feedback.

Literally no one called you angry, I called you petty and an abuser of your power, not angry. So I’m not really sure where you got that from. No one here thinks you are angry, we just think you’re a terrible human being in general, and your insecurities fuel this tirade of unfair bans.

When you’re backed into a corner, and can’t justify your ban, you always fall back to Rule 1, kinda like a cop charging you for “resisting arrest.”

Bro, go through and read your own posts and appeals, if you can’t see the problem, you are legitimately a sociopath.