Clockies Shuttle Override

For me personally i’ve found myself dreading whenever its clockies in a round, not because of the threat but more of the manotany of waiting 1:30 hours till the clockies finally decide to trigger it.

Now there are the conversion limits which are meant to force the clockies into action but clockies will just ride up to the limit and will stall out the round as long as possible to sabotage every aspect of the station.

Being stuck on the station with no mats, power, other players avoiding you is a dull experience and you will often find numerous suicides out of sheer bordem. RP during them is at an all time low due to hard stun powers making people not want to take chances.

I feel like there should be a hard time limit you can enforce like the hijack timer for xenos, that would allow the shuttle to leave after a certain time in hostile conditions unless the summoning has begun.

I just want some change to clockies without just spouting remove them as the idea of an assault is neat but the rounds drag on way too long.


I’ll admit that I am not a huge fan of clockies, and this is certainly part of it. I would say clockies are far from a good gamemode. Its lots of aspects I don’t like.

  • Base no one else can get to
  • They can Teleport anywhere, and then teleport away quickly
  • they have magic AI that can teleport them away even if cuffed, dragged, and holy watered
  • instant stun, I know people don’t like those
  • encouraged to sabotage relentlessly all round with previously mentioned abilities
  • Lots of Plasmaflooding recently despite the rules on that
  • Can easily delay shuttle
  • Also prevents shuttle from launching
  • Entire end fight consists of nothing but cutting through walls, not very engaging
  • Cogscarabs consistently carry combat because small sprite, and easy to make
  • Forces round end after fighting them

I get that its supposed to be climactic, but its really not. Every time its clockies I groan because I know that the round is going to drag on until the clockies think they are ready, and then one of the sides is going to get steamrolled. I’ve seen a single clockie round EVER where afterwards I thought “wow that was close!” but it still wasn’t a very interesting fight.

Clockies bad.


Clockies is thw worst designed gamemode in this game. It forces the crew AND clockies to go full metagame. It offers no particular roleplay opportunities. It encourages the clockies to bomb departments, steal resources spread viruses and other absolutely fucking annoying stuff.
And all for a 10 minutes fight that is only fun about one time out of ten, it just feels like a slog or a complete steamroll.

I want clockies more than any other gamemode to go.
There is no way to fix either cults imo.


i used to be a clockie lover but now clockie no fun :frowning:

I was thinking this:

  • Clockies start with an infinite time limit
  • Upon converting a few people a really long timer starts that cannot be stopped
  • Every conversion lowers the time limit by some amount

This keep the conversion limit and doesn’t stop them from converting as hard but also punishes them for being slow


Not a bad idea, i think a conversion timer but reversed so that clockies would had to keep converting to delay the timer would also work, it would make the clockies have to take an more active role of converting allowing for more interaction and also set a hard limit on time clockies have.

Just a reminder that clockies can stun you as soon as they teleport so you won’t even have time to react

Also they bring up a pet peeve of mine that cogscarabs and larva sprites can be layered under objects which makes trying to hit them impossible. Under desks for larva is fine, but broken egg sacks and floor trash completely covering them and being unable to be hit is annoying af.

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Okay sure, but larvas have no means of self defense, that’s all they can do. Its more reasonable than cogscarabs, who can wield any weapon, to be able to do the same while also having a tiny hitbox that can only be hit by direct clicks without them moving

yea mindshields are very important on this gamemode

but wait doesnt the teleport give warning sparks when a clockie is about to drop

They do, but if they’re good at placement they can put it on top of a broken light so there’s no way to tell.
Also, they can precharge kindle, which normally has a do_after to charge it, so they can stunsmack you as soon as they vanish.

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