Cling drop flesh disguise ability

Is it any good for anything thats not a reference to “the thing”?
Does it give you any stats, damage?

What does it even do

Gives you the “the thing” sprite and thats it as far as im aware

I know on aurorastation you have to unlock it via the succ and it makes you super fast but It’s hrp so

You’re misunderstanding how the ability works. It’s actually very strong.

If you are not wearing an item in a clothing slot, whenever you transform into someone, you create a “flesh disguise” item in that slot that mimics whatever clothing item they are wearing. “Drop flesh disguise” removes said fake clothing items. You can use this to sneak around and evade people. If you go naked apart from a backpack and headset, you can change into a convincing look of anyone plus their outfit at any time. Sec chasing you? Run just out of view range, change into someone else and 180 into them for a free escape. Need access to somewhere? No big deal, just turn into a head of staff and go to the HoPline claiming to have been mugged by Assitant McGeneric to get a “replacement” ID. If you can act well enough you can get people to just give you stuff., like turning into a cargo tech and asking sec for riot shotguns for a bounty.


reminder that flesh disguise ID’s dont work on sechuds and you will show up as having no job which is pretty much a dead giveaway.

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That’s why you weave a story of the assistant who steals IDs. Then you can get the HoP to give you loads of spare IDs in any name you want really. Then use a wallet to hold em.