[CKEY Unknown] Player Report For A Pirate

CKEY: ValuedEmployee

Your Discord: ValuedEmployee#5119

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mate Laserbeard

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/13/2022

Round Number: 38704

Rules Broken: 1 and 13

Incident Description: So it’s near round end, I’m playing bartender. I decided to stay back in the bar instead of leaving the station to just chill out in the fun bar I made, lots of drinks and it was a great vibe. Two pirates walked and wordlessly grabbed me. From that point on, while I was in their possession for about a solid minute, I pleaded with them to let me go and to have a drink with me instead. Now I know antagonists don’t have to be friendly, but I was hoping they’d at least let me go because why take me at the end of the round anyway? Well one of them gets shocked by a door, I take time to stand around in the hopes that cooperation would make the situation more amicable. They ignore my pleas some more after the shuttle had already left and started printing out cables and made restraints with them to further the kidnapping. I knew what was coming, being kidnapped to their ship in space when I didn’t even have space protection would kill me if I was taken. I decided I had enough and ran back to my bar with them in hot pursuit.

Here’s where I feel they broke the rules. Without anymore words, Mate Laserbeard, the pirate who dragged me initially, began firing round after round of lethal shotgun ammo at me as I tried to evade them inside the bar without leaving the area or having a weapon out. I could have pulled my shotgun out with non-lethal ammo, but I didn’t in the hopes that they’d see reason (That there’s no reason to be shooting at me). Well that realization never came, and they unloaded into me until I was in crit. After the round ended, it was found that they had already completed all of their objectives without me as ransom and the entire affair was pointless. My death was needless and murderbone.

^ Here’s what the Species and Faction Escalation table has to say about Pirates and their escalation policy on killing. Now normally they’d be allowed to murderbone and kill anyone in their way, but I wasn’t apart of any objective and not putting up a fight other than running away (When the shuttle was leaving). Since I wasn’t an objective, there was no reason to kill me and I just served as sport for this player as they went out of their way to hunt me down. That may have been fun for them, but not for me.


The stipulation for most antags about isolated killings is that they’re okay if they’re related to your objectives, I was not and they had already completed their objectives shown by EORG report.

Additional Information:

Mai Phulfiana tried to save me after I was in crit because she said she’d stay back with me instead of leaving to chill out in the bar with me. Understandably, that pissed her off and she got a face full of shotgun, too. No rule break there, she attacked. Both of us got dragged into space without suits after that, and both died to space at EORG. This made it clear they were planning on dragging me through space without a suit to begin with, meaning they planned to have me die anyway on the way over if I didn’t run away. Once again, not part of their objectives to do any of that since they already succeeded at the EORG report. I didn’t Ahelp this in round because it was already so close to the end that I felt I shouldn’t, and decided to write here instead.

Edits: Added rule 1 to the rules broken section.


Maybe they process your new report in just a few week this time!

Is joke relax


This is what happened. I talked to my other pirate mate about taking hostages because why not so we went to cargo to take any goonie we see. There was no one in cargo so I went to the nearest place at the time and found the bartender. Pointed at them to get down and lay down and as they surrendered I dragged them towards the direction of the pirate ship. Ran out of breach charges so me and a pirate mate try to break down the door and I got shocked while the bartender was pleading with me and I have no reason to listen to them.

When I try to print for restraints they broke from me and thought that breaking away from a violent kidnapper was a good idea especially when I had a gun in hand. So of course I tried to take them down because of this and then this cook came out and attack and as well took them down. Not sure what you expected when you ran away from me when you are held at gun point.

The point is you hunted me down and killed me when I wasn’t a threat or an objective. You already completed your objective but saw fit to hunt me down and kill me anyway wordlessly. It was obvious I wasn’t leaving the bar but you still gunned me down after missing so many times, you had so much time to say anything. Maybe if you actually roleplayed and said something I would’ve come along quietly but no, nothing.


You can get people as an objective from the booty locator and ofcourse I would hunt you down from running from a kidnapping. I really do not know what you expected when you did that. I wasn’t going to talk to someone in a middle of a hostile territory. Saying this was murderbone when I pointed for you to surrender came first when you were the first person I came across and my objective after talking to my shipmate was kidnapping someone.

The shuttle already left, what hostile territory? You made it hostile territory.

If the extent of your roleplay is to point at me to surrender and say nothing for over a minute, what are you here for in this roleplay server?

Once again, empty as far as the eye can see besides Mai who didn’t even show up until after I was crit. After we were both down, no one was there because the shuttle was gone! Who exactly were you afraid of?

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Chef moff here. Can confirm the pirate just up and shot cordswitch, who showed no resistance and even offered the man a drink, all the way to death, before proceeding to do the same to me when i tried to save him.
It was entirely unnecessary. They already greentexted and we stayed on the station specifically to chill out. We had no aggression towards the pirates and by the antag policy pirates are not to murderbone crew that do no stand in their way of stealing money / vault stuff, which we did not do at all.

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I am a pirate. People will already hate me.

Aggressive for no reason. I was there to kidnap and nothing much else. The roleplay would have came when I went back to the ship. If you really thought I was going to shoot and talk in the same time then I don’t know what to say.

Anybody? I mean its a station. Am I suppose to pretend there is no one there or being safe just something I am not allowed to do. To be honest I don’t know what you are arguing about when the situation came and you tried to escape at a bad time could only resulted in you being killed. If you ran when I was electrocuted then sure I wouldn’t have hunted for you but since I saw you go and you broke away from a kidnapping then yeah that was going to happen. I’m sorry but it is what it is. I don’t appreciate you are saying that I killed with no reason but my reason was to kidnap you and you broke away from a kidnapping.

I’m waiting for an admin to rule on this, I don’t know what objective you were trying to fulfill with me, but you greentexted without me(So I can’t believe your word just because you said so).

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There was NO objective involving you, it was something that I wanted to do with my pirate mate because pirates CAN have hostages. You were the only person at the time I saw trying to kidnap. Regardless that we greentexted or fulfilled the objectives doesn’t mean we stop being pirates. It was a situation that gone arie because I had no cuffs. Did I have full intent to kill you at first, no, but when you ran away from a kidnapping means that you didn’t value your character’s life to an active threat.

Just want to point a few things out:

  • If the shuttle has already left, so has the pirate ship. The pirate ship automatically disembarks the station Z level for deep space at the same time as the emergency shuttle and escape pods do. There was no pirate ship left to kidnap you to.

  • Antagonists are allowed to branch out a bit and do gimmicks, especially after their main objective is done. Antagonists are not expected or required to stop antagonizing just because their given objectives are done and while holding someone hostage is never an objective for antagonists, it is something at least somewhat engaging to do on a whim*

  • And now for that asterisk *What should be getting reported is R1. Kidnapping, and even potentially killing you for resisting isn’t the issue you actually seem to be raising, It’s the fact they reportedly didn’t offer RP at all at any point in your interactions despite the attempts from your side.


Sorry, let me try to unmuddy the waters a bit, the conversation mixed things up:

So I agree I should report R1 but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure. I will change the report to include it now that you think it’s worth it. But the reason why I bring up R13 is:

There was nothing that kidnapping me would have accomplished. The shuttle left and there was:

  1. No one to ransom me off to.
  2. No ship to return me to by the time I was running away.
  3. They already fulfilled their objectives.
  4. I was not defending myself and made it clear I just wanted to be in my bar.

Killing me only served the purpose of giving them the satisfaction of killing me due to these points.

And the engagement for doing this on a whim is having someone to deal with for my safe return, which there was not. So these are the primary reasons why I made this report for R13. I’ll edit for R1 as well now.

I do not appreciate that you believe I was there to get the satisfaction of killing. My main idea was to get a hostage and when I didn’t respond at the time came from wanting to be in a better situation to start speaking. I believed I got my point across when I came in and pointed for you to lay down. Saying I knew the ship was gone is incorrect, saying that because of my objectives were fulfilled means I couldn’t take hostages is incorrect, you not wanting to defending and wanting to stay in your bar is irrelevant and got you killed. I was mostly enacting on the idea wanting to take a hostage from belief of the booty locator. The kidnapping was made into plan with my pirate mate so it didn’t just happen in happenstance. I respected the situation until you started running away and there was going to be something happening because of it. My main intent was not to kill when I got you, listened to what you have to say but really want no part of it, then that situation happened. I have lead up to the point of kidnapping with the partner so I didn’t went out of my way to kill someone.

To clarify, I am not accusing you of doing it for the satisfaction of killing me, but that the action only served that purpose. Maybe you did it without recognizing that, it’s entirely possible. But killing me in the bar after dodging volley after volley with no retort had no higher purpose.

You’re correct, if I had assumed you only wanted me dead at that point then I would have ran some more and actually escaped. But I had faith that you’d start roleplaying at any point.

Just like my similar report!



Gave this some thought recently and I’d like to let this report close. I’m not sure I’ll continue playing on Bee so let this man free. :fist:

@CoffeePanda Take care, man.




This is a bad way to think. You’re not here to be the guy who gets hunted down, you’re here to roleplay. Go to TG to get hunted.

My guy was standing there, you had time to use the say verb.

Indeed. Gimmicks are great but this isn’t “wordless gimmick”: the server, it’s “wordy gimmick”: the server.

Maybe not worth a player report, but indeed something to keep in mind for the future, chief.

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