Circuits megathread

Here you can suggest and vote for what components, features etc you want to be added to wiremod circuits
you can suggest things from old circuits, you can suggest things which TG has but we don’t, you can suggest things that never been added etc


make it so i can create a drone that injects chloral hydrate into every clown


as it is circuits are lacking in any way to actually interact with the world and do stuff

this new circuit system is a port of TG’s circuits yet we diddnt even implement half of it.
the most interesting part the ability to interact with computer concoles is straight up missing

they are missing things as basic as screens - to actually display… text

and at this point its been so long ive started to even forget what usefull tools the old circuits had

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There are so few useful things you can actually make.

TG circuits actually have useful things I wish they were on bee.

Also circuits can just be instantly removed/countered with a screwdriver, it shouldn’t be so easy to remove them from drone and airlock shells.

although i dont know what things TG has other than the USB cable… witch we NEED

i’ll humor the reasons why old cuircuits got removed (even tho botany and xenobio’s existance leave this point mute) and point out a few usefull circuits
oh also ive mostly forgotten what the new circuits had short of a few notable missing ones so pardon of i offer something we already have. im just fairly certain we lack most of the things im about to sudgest

a screen circuit - that displays inputed text

a keyboard circuit - to input text fairly sure we actually dont have something this basic

a item collector with a internal inventory - that picks up stores and releases tiny-medium items

netNT remote circuit - some machines(doors) actually have/had netNT channel interaction with the old circuits. not sure if that was strictly tied to circuits or is still out there but if it is… i recon it wont be to hard to bring it back. one just needs a circuit that extracts the netNT id of the machine. and a circuit to send data over to the machine with said id… including other circuits set to the same id

wire probe - this one’s a bit more out there but a circuit that can interact wtih the exposed wires of a machine. probably after given a relative xy coordinates to specify witch

various scanner circuits - old circuits had several scanners. some aquired xy coordinates of a pointed tile others extracted name/description ect data off xy coordinates.

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  • Input trigger: nothing changed
  • Output triggered [Signal]: always returns TRUE (TG removed this and that’s why their circuit sucks)
    We have this, so, you don’t have to touch this. just don’t remove it please.
  • Output triggered [Time]: returns round time(delta time?), returns 1~99999 up to round time. (TG has this only.)
    We don’t have this, so you need to port this.

output triggers should be separated into two types because time return doesn’t consider to be TRUE or 1 in if circuits, which is very annoying.


Something that you can duplicate a circuit that you completed to make. It’s in TG.


Controller: this damn machine doesn’t accept right-click(because right-click in bee is seeing a context menu). need to change ctrl+click or better function in Bee.

I really wish to see the interacting with computers part. Would allow people to make so much cool stuff

Hello please add the brain chip implanted machine (looks like a nanite chamber) so I can make even more robust and dunk on the clowns with circuits

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Add USBs to various atmos devices

functional USB, atmos machinery integration, bus cables between adjacent circuits (i want to be able to create actual elementary logic that reads a pipenet’s atmos and can activate pumps or valves it’s connected to after doing some simple logic)

the filter-mixer logic gates do NOT work or what I’m trying to do, especially with how claustrophobic atmos is when trying to make projects

context: the BZ reaction is REALLY fucking weird with how it graphs and needs a LOT of precision