Christmas trees should have presents

Port this 95% of the time you get useless shit like a data disk or an crayon but sometimes you get fun stuff like a defibrillator pads that don’t need the pack or a powercrepe. Even if its only for Christmas day it would be nice to have something to look forward to in every shift.


There was a christmas tree where most of the time you would get combat or op stuff on a wizardbus round, unfortunately i got blown up.

I mean, we DID have presents last year. I even got a grenade as clown but the shitmins didnt allow me to blow up sec, still pissed.


Just force an admeme to spawn as santa on green shifts and give people useless shit.
I have ptsd from the gifts from the Xmas tree

?? a couple rounds with op christmas tree gifts would be awesome

They do, but only on the week around Christmas.

Santa usually hands out firearms when he shows up. Wholesome family friendly entertainment!

American style christmas.

the infinite Christmas tree

Christmas trees should be able to get robbed of other peoples presents, but you are valid and you get an elf assasin sent after you

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