Chiryn ruling/warning dc disagreement

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I will be refering mainly to this report:

After giving it some time I do agree now that content I’ve posted has no place on beecord, but I still believe that these photos did not break any bee rules in a direct way. Having this in mind, I believe that observing whole incident as admin without telling me to stop then giving me 1 point warning several minutes later was excessive. I know it’s not for me to decide, but I’ve read other discord appeals where people were violating rules, were warned first and only after continuing to violate the rules further were punished with 1 point warning.

Having pointed this out I want to note that the information about me posting images after being told to stop is not true:




As You can see i was asked to stop after posting the second one, then I stopped, only to get warned 4 minutes later.

It was also posted with context to make it oblivious for people who do not know the background.
To summarize, I believe it was not against the rules to post this, but surely not a thing that should be posted on this server. I would expect this gray zone cases to be handled with more actual admin interaction than just slapping me wordlessly (other than asking for a name reply which i removed shortly after) with 1p warn.

Additional Information:
As for deleting the response mentioned in appeal, I did delete it on purpose so only admins could see it. I am aware of your magicks.

So I’m going to reiterate what you’ve said here for clarity’s sake and to help myself understand what exactly you mean.

You disagree that it was against the rules to post what you posted, but it’s not a thing that “should” be posted on this server.
If something should not be posted then it is against the rules and vice versa, I don’t really understand what you meant with this.

In the second part you are reporting them for jumping straight to a warn and not just a “stop” reminder?
Again, just asking this to clarify a few things before actually resolving the report.

You have to keep in mind that situations and context varies heavily. For example, if someone posts a really bad NSFW picture, then telling them to “stop” is not going to change the fact that they posted said bad NSFW picture.
We generally give people a heads up when they step into dangerous territory (for example with stuff that leads or can very quickly lead into political talk) during discussions or conversations, as that is actually something that can be “stopped before it gets too bad”.

There are things that are bordering rule violations (hence me specifying this as greyzone) that may escalate or simply switch over to topics that are violating rules. For example talking about military topics can be switched over to politics or NSFW topics pretty easily, thus shouldn’t be posted on bee since it’s carrying that risk.
That’s what i meant by saying:


Yes, this how it was handled for me (and many others judging from appeals on this forums) for one case, it ended up without any noted warnings.

I know this is just an example,but I believe that the pictures I’ve provided are not as severe as NSFW, but may lead to other NSFW content to an extent by using graphic searches.
I did lookup similar case where some numbers posted by a user were mistaken for “magic numbers” which lead directly to porn. User was punished with a 0 pointer:

There’s a big difference between what you posted and the ancient old calculator boobs joke.

As I said above, normally I advocate for admins to warn people before discussions get out of hand, but in this case a bad picture had already been posted, so there wasn’t a way to tell you to “stop”.

What you posted was inappropriate and I consider the 1 pointer warn to be fine, as well as chiryns handling of the situation.
I recommend you appeal one of your other warns to get unmuted, as some time definitely has to pass before this one can be appealed successfully.

Thank you for the report nonetheless though.