[ChimpManzeeHybrid] banned by [Tamumus]

Title: [ChimpManzeeHybrid] banned by [Tamumus]

CKEY: ChimpManzeeHybrid

Admin’s CKEY: Tamumus

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (2022/09/26/):

Round ID: 40585

Ban Reason: Grief

Appeal Reason: Wrongfully accused of killing when no such thing happened

The shuttle that was used at the end of the round was one built in a manor where there was a “poor” and “rich” area. At the time I was in the poor area, the admins says I killed people with a bomb despite those being killed were in the “rich” area (which means there was no way I could have committed those murders) despite that fact the admin decided to reject my reason because I also happened to have used a bomb, but before you judge I made sure nobody was near the bomb I used only using it for the sole purpose of breaching the “Rich” area to gain access to it. In-fact if you check chatlogs, you can see I warned people to “GET BACK” before attempting to breach the “rich” area, I do understand that what I did wasn’t necessarily ‘good’ but it definitely shouldn’t have resulting in a PERMA BAN. In conclusion if you actually take the time to check the logs and chat logs, I had no intention to kill, and most certainty didn’t kill anyone.

Additional Information: Please stop being unprofessional and check logs…


I’m glad you made this appeal, I’d like an answer to those questions you didn’t answer during the ticket:
_Why did you make potassium/water grenades as a non antag?
_How do you know how to do this as an account made two days ago?
Also. As a moderator I can’t process the appeal, but answering those would make it a lot faster

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I was going to tell you but you banned me before I could even type a sentence out.

Grenades were originally going to be used for the end where everyone starts killing each-other when the shuttle finally stops.

Potassium/Water Grenades aren’t exactly the hardest thing to make, even a basic glance at the beestation wiki is enough to tell you what to do.

Besides the whole point I was perma banned was you saying I killed people yet I made sure no one got killed.
and like I said, look at logs.

I mean that’s still EORG prep, which is still bannable…

It shouldn’t have resulted in a perma-ban. The whole point of this appeal was because I was accused of killing people, which I know I didn’t kill anyone. I’ll bring it up again, I even told people to get away from the bomb.

It’s not a true perma-ban, it’s an ‘Explain on the Forums’ ban, to get you to come over here and explain the situation and clear it all up.

That doesn’t make it their fault if you hit someone on the opposite side of the wall you couldn’t have seen without a hacked client.

I agree that you are conducting yourself in a way that shows far more experience with the game (and dealing with admins) than your account age suggests. If you’re not ban evading here, it would work in your favor to explain why you’re on a new account now instead of sidestepping the point.

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The wall didn’t break so that rules out anyone on the other side getting killed, also if I was ban evading, don’t you think I would just evade the ban instead of appealing? also the wiki exist.

He definitely has a point here, there’s no point in appealing if you’re a ban evader

Depends on the exact goal, but usually yes. I’m not trying so accuse you of ban evading specifically - just asserting that ChimpManZeeHybrid is probably not your first byond account

And again:

Being evasive about something shady just makes it look even more shady. People only swap accounts for two reasons ultimately, and there’s no reason to hide forgetting login info. The other reason is trying to hide a past associated with the old account for some reason or another.


This is my one and only account, like I said the wiki helps. also if it helps I watched oneyplays play SS13 which was the reason I started playing, that’s another reason I know a little bit about the game aswell.


Yeah, that does explain additional starting experience, even if indirect.

All else I have to say is that I’m pretty sure this isn’t true, but I’m not certain since the walls on the shuttle you’re talking about are 100% indestructable (the same kind used for admin prison and the rest of centcom) so they may actually block and contain explosions completely.

The logs should prove things one way or another when they get here.

They are indestructible.

Have you got the logs yet?

Unfortunately I’m not an admin, just used to be one here. I just occasionally drop in to help progress appeals.

Completely blocks explosions, although funnily enough they don’t block the knockback.

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The other chemist, someone you spent a decent bit of time in proximity to given you sharing jobs ended up being the one who bombed the main part of the shuttle. Would you happen to know anything about that?

No why would I? We were in different parts of the shuttle. Also now you just told me it was some other guy who killed those people. Meaning I now know this entire time I was punished for something that other chemist did.

Figured you wouldn’t, no harm in asking though.

The duration being permanent was indeed based off a misunderstanding. Although to be fair the timing of events here was rather unfortunate all things considered.

I’ll remove the ban.

However I’d like to point out that firstly you shouldn’t be carrying grenades or other weapons onto the shuttle for use at the end of the round. That’s what’s commonly called ‘EORG prepping’, and it falls under power-gaming, so don’t do it. Also would heavily discourage the use of explosives on the shuttle without a very good reason. Even if the walls were destructable and you succeeded in getting in, then you’d have just spaced the shuttle.

I recommend reading over our rules if you haven’t already.