Chet Masterson's appeal to get week long ban changed back to original 3 day sentence

CKEY: Chetmasterson

Admin’s CKEY: bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Initially MRP, now both.

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Initially three days, now seven

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-03-29 00:45

Round ID: 13965

Ban Reason:

first: Murdered the ai as a captain for no reason. Seems to be rapidly gaining notes this week, and requires time off.
second, applied right after the first: In addition to the ai, also was part of a lot of non mrp behavior.

Appeal Reason: So basically we had a fun round, where at the very end (on the shuttle) I, the captain, who had been pretty alright that round, decided to gang up with the HoP and the Simp Monkeys on the AI, who was simping pretty hard. I was using my sword, and ending up destroying the AI, even though that was never my intention, as we were just trying to rustle him up. Bastion reached out to me and let me know what I did was wrong, and I agree, I was being stupid for the laughs at round end. He gave me a three day ban on MRP which is pretty reasonable, and I can take, but today I find out after he bans me, he immediately alters my ban so that it’s a whole week long, and applies to LRP as well. The initial reason for my 3 day ban was that I had been acting idiotic recently on MRP, and like I said, I can understand this, but then on my seven day ban reason I feel it just repeats that. I’m totally fine with the original three day ban on MRP, but where I get a little cheezed is when it gets changed to longer ban under my nose. Could it please be changed back, so that it’s 3 days on MRP?

also, excuse me for any English mistakes or grammatical errors, it is not my first language, I am a dumb Ukrainian.

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It SHOULD be one week mrp, 3 days lrp. Thanks to council rulings, I need opinions on this by admins or I can’t do shit for you. This is the 3rd ping. Can council either fuckin change it so I have to try for input, instead of actually getting it?

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3 day LRP ban for that?
Let the boi play LrP

Given the gradual escalation of the rule breaks and the fact you haven’t really slowed down in the face of your bans, I agree with the stance taken.

Lrp expired my man, sorry

I’ve checked, it’s 1 week mrp and 3 days lrp. For now, maybe lowering it a bit is a good idea.

I agree with ruko here, it should stay as is. 3 day lrp and 1 week mrp

Played with him yesterday. He lethally assaulted 2 non antag crew members as captain, then when he was killed for this he posi brain Borged and tried to meta grudge them immediately.

Has clearly no respect for the rules.

Alright, based on the other opinions from admins, we’ll be keeping this where it is.