Chemist/Medbay Firebomb Player Report

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: bloons3

   Your Discord:

   Offender’s CKEY:

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown, likely chemist

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-05-2019

   Round Number:12235

   Rules Broken: Escalation, Self Antag

   Incident Description: A smoke machine was constructed in medbay. It was filled with chlorine trifluoride. At some point it was activated, causing large harm/death.

No antags were immediately apparent. Valery Lazers was the only Medbay antag, and they were not in proximity when the device was activated.

I was not personally affected (#borg life), but my prisoner caught on fire and died.

Others who were affected should comment in this thread if they have input.
Otherwise, close in 2 days if no response.

Yea I think I got a ticket for this in post round and right as I hit delay the sever reset. I’ll take a look after work tomorrow most likely if no one else takes it.

Yeah, that was from me. I was Aypac, that MD who got caught in it. I think it was a chemist who turned it on, and from what I heard in deadchat they weren’t an antag, but I dunno if HE was the one to put it in there

very fucking based way to flood med thank you for the tip

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Ladies and gentlemen… We got em.

[2020-02-06 03:56:32.894] GAME: Yedih/(Jodeiaha Udpadada) activated a smoke machine that contains Chlorine, Potassium, Sulphuric acid, Fluorine and Chlorine Trifluoride at Medbay Central (93, 104, 2).

They were actually permabanned the next round for something else however. Thanks for the report though.

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