Charlie station feedback

I want to think of: What does general beestation gamer think of charlie station? Is it viable, Is it fun?
What i think: Its VERY not new player friendly, No notes, guides or anything apart from a vague description in the bridge, and the hivebots? Oh don’t get me started, there is fucking 100 of them, with 2 five shot laser guns each dealing 20 damage, a normal one goes down in 1, not that it matters due to the horde, and strong hivebots suck because they take 4, At least cut down on their quantity.

Make a spear, make your way to the limited chemicals and make good use of the medical supplies you can make out of them

Definitely not new player friendly, but I do enjoy seeing what I can do with limited resources.

If your so good at charlie station, whats the bare minimum amount of solar panels you need to power the station?

About ten if you cut power to unused areas.

What are the “Unused” Areas

Here charlie guide
Step 1. Go to left maintenance room
Step 2. Power generator
Step 3. Unlockdown station
Step 4. Proceed to security and grab laser gun
Step 5. Repeat going into the right station via pipeline, killing bots towards the room with all the cool gear in amd coming back to recharge laser
Step 6. Do the same for the research room and the ship with all of the resources
Step 7. Make teleporter to main station
Step 8 (optional) Fuck da main station, deck out charlie station without those weak fucks

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