Character Preferences: Redux - Drop your ideas here!

Hello BeeStation players!

I am currently rewriting preferences/character setup in their entirety.

These screenshots are for preview purposes only, and are nowhere near a final or accurate representation of what will be merged.

Our current foundation is TG’s preferences menu, but I would like to further expand on that.
We have some mockups for how it could look:

Further, I plan on redesigned antag preferences entirely. Each antag will have separate options for roundstart vs midround vs latejoin, and roundstart/latejoin preferences will be per-character.

Midround prompts will always be ON by default, for all antagonists, even newly added ones in the future. In fact, I might even just remove preference checks for ghost-polled midround antagonists, since you can just hit “Never for this round”.

On the loadouts side of things, loadouts will now preview on your character, and have icons associated with the item. (see black jumpskirt)

Other things:

  • searching for specific options in large lists like hairstyle
  • re-adding text labels for large lists like hairstyles
  • List view rather than grid view for large lists
  • Searching for specific character preferences, possibly?

DO NOTE: all of this also applies to GAME preferences, which are in their own menu now. I may move this menu into the statpanel itself as a tab or button, similar to chat settings.

The PR if you’re interested (you can download and try it out!):

And now my question to you:

What kind of QoL and features would you like to see? What systems would you like redesigned, and how?

What preferences would you like to be added, removed, or changed? What UI changes do you think would make the preferences menu better?


I think “Next/Previous” buttons for stuff like shirts and hairstyles would be quite nice to have.

Already planned :3

Looks pretty cool; I love the differentiation between roundstart and midround antagonists.

For quirks I just want to bump this

Looks like yog.

I quite like the updated occupation and antag screen, it’d be nice not to have to go through Low > Med > High each time you want to shift your occupation settings on a character.

either way any char pref overhaul would be better than any system we currently have, keep it up.

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I see a new character button, so I have to wonder how character slots are handled? Have you removed the limit?

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It’s Crossed’s decision to limit character slots to 4 to encourage people to buy Byond membership.

I will not be an useful member of society.
I won’t pay my taxes.
I’m tax evading and I’ll keep tax evading.
I will continue to delete my characters and rebuild them to match my new ocs, you cant stop me bee man!


Same as old. You get 3. 8 if byond. One extra from beecoins, max of 9. I just have the byond membership force enabled for testing. Locked slots are just greyed out, slots without a character name saved yet say New Character.

Yeah, I think that’s a good decision. I was hoping it wasn’t removed.

Think you can make to where players can save and draw their own gifs for the Ai core?


Kind of out of scope & also more moderation headaches. Another server had custom Tshirts that you could upload during the round but they were rolled back not that long after being implemented.


we could implement a system kind of like how the library works where they need to approve it and then it gets added to a database

Or you could just… PR it.

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Yeah chances are, if you put the effort in to make a nice ‘gif’ that fits in the game it would absolutely get merged if you made a very simple PR for it. :+1:

This is amazing Kat. I don’t know if its possible, I was thinking of doing it but I know nothing of coding.

I’d really much like if the Etherials had a colour picker like Oozelings have. Instead of a drop down menu where 70% of the colours give off a really dark, light snuffing, glow.

Do you think this is possible?

PS: I also really love how you did the antag preferences for each Character!!!

I’d like a disable all antag button. Because I like my current configuration of possible antags I am signed up for but sometimes I just wanna chill without havin’ to disable all active antags and reenable the same ones again.


Could a thread on the forum be added where people can like designs and those with a significant amount of likes gets added? Feels complex.