Character lore thread for MRP

Wanna put some niche background shit about your character that you normally wouldn’t talk about? here ye go.

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“Fought in the n word pass war during the great censor of bee station”

is black and believes in allah


I stand before you. I am tall, and i am standing before you. My eyes are there. They are eyes. My johnson is so big, even beebot couldnt handle it standing before him. I stand before you. Standing before you is a giga mega man with muscle. He stands tall before you. Link to my paid commission from (furry artist)

Pretty much every single character description ive seen before summarised.


Det to officer to warden to HOS to captain to CC admiral

Simple as.

My characters lore is that one day he just appeared on some space station and he was its crewmember for some reason, so he decided to fit in. But he died and everyone left the station, and the station had its nuclear warhead detonated. But he for some unknown reason, he appeared again, on the same station but it looked like new. He got confused so he killed the clown
oh no, it’s murder

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Jimmy Brickets comes from a long line of greyshits, coming from the Boston space station spanning all the way from his great grandfather, Jimmy Brickets, and every single one of them greyshitted like no other, Jimmy Brickets full name is Jimothy Toss Brickets The 6th and a half, the Brickets line doesn’t have only assistants, with magicians and occasional scientists and engineers, they are notorious for there extreme mild disliking of sec and love for the YARRR SCALLYWAG hat, the line is here to greyshit like no man has ever greyshitted before

Bungo comes from a long line of british space lizards that are descended from Queen Elizabeth. Spooke monke is the byproduct of a monke and a lizard marriage gone wrong

me looking at me, being british:

also also here’s more kim story

Immigrants from Space Korea (which is in civil war big surprise(i’m from SK irl i can make that joke)) live in Space UK. Kim joins NT for money, is in medical originally but after a cult nearly kills him he joins sec as a det. After killing a ling with his revolver he’s promoted to officer, where he cremates two traitors and is upped to warden. as warden he fucking destroys a nuke ops team, then gets promoted to HOS where he destroys reebe, becomes captain and destroys yet another blood cult and finally is promoted to CC admiral

when does he become the CEO of NT

When crossed makes me host

My name is Dikh Inash and I AM A GAMER. Not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many. Gaming is my DNA and I am never alone. I have the gamer community with me. DON’T BE SURPRISED, gaming has its own benefit. IT HELPS IMPROVE ATTENTION, FOCUS AND REACTION TIME. Games also have motivational benefit because they induce positive mood states. They also have social benefits because gamers are able to translate the prosocial skills that they learn from co-playing or multiplayer gameplay to “peer and family relations outside the gaming environment.” I did not make this up. REALLY. This was from an article entitled “The Benefits of Playing Video Games”. Gaming also teaches YOU ABOUT LIFE. When you failed a mission, pick yourself up and try again. When things are getting out of control, press the pause button. Resume when you have gathered yourself. SO, ARE YOU GAME ENOUGH?


Made by a random not too well of family C3PO style, joined NT for the slimes and no other reason, treats knowledge above all, keeps getting revived and rehired for an unknown reason

Fuck moths ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

What, are you a mothfucker?

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nope (1) mfw

Fought against the catgirls in the catgirl racewar of 2019.

I came, I saw, I robusted.