[CHARACTER LORE!] Dissimilarity Program Interview: Kalavi Lumen

[Partially declassified release material]
Subject: Kalavi Lumen.
Date: 25
2rd review interview.

[Only statements by Subject are presented]

- No thanks I had refreshments before I arrived, lets get to business'.
- You shouldn't be too surprised, you know how I get in interrogation rooms better than I do half the time.
- Yes I have a pretty good recollection of the total experiences.
- Well its abit jarring remembering it all at once, I step into my workplace feeling like its either my first day or like I got back after getting rusty.
- So it's a common occurrence?
- Fine fine I understand, knowing the scope of the program could interfere with the conditioning.
- The conditioning is working as intended, one shift im on janitorial duty, after a trip back to the centcom branch, reassignment and reapplication I come out of the trance   not remembering any of the prior and I've clocked in to run a station's security detail.
- Correct, the subconscious skills and memory isn't majorly affected outside of the conditioning either, I can run 3 shifts, each in different departments and still maintain effectiveness within the program's expected performance.
- No it's not particularly bad after about a day of rest to process it, especially when I'm getting treatment for my limb condition.
- The limbs are fine today, I'm getting an amputation for the leg tomorrow given the condition.
- Degenerative synthflesh rejection is a bitch given how medically prevalent that glop is but I'm lucky its limited to my muscle tissue
- Yes lets get back to the important things
- No I don't retain any notable impressions or memory between shifts, everyone from Hawker to Pisces is next to a stranger to me.
- Yes, including pigeon and sparrow.
- Yes I remember the incident, if you're that worried about them you should beef up their project's security
- If you're applying things learned from humans in the Dissimilarity program to that project its not my place to comment.
- Ok then, what about me.
- I did that on my own, I'm not about to remember something I intentionally forgot.
- Tell those guys to get a new hobby.
- Not even human psychology we're talking about.
- Thats everything?
- Yeah I know some of this is being released by H.R. I'm alright with that.
- Ok, see you next year.

[The Dissimilarity program is an NT H.R. employee retention program, speak with a H.R. project recruiter to find your eligibility for participation. Benefits include Higher shift completion salary bonuses, psychiatric medical coverage, increased medical coverage and more frequent time off.
Some stipulations apply, NT H.R. is limited in fault in the event of side effects.]

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