Character editor ban

Title:Ban appeal


Admin’s CKEY:ivniinvi

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Ban Type:Identity ban

Ban Length:Forver

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):18.11.2021

Round ID:34,131

Appeal Reason:Ban Reason:Repeated use of Bad name immediately after being bwoinked about it multiple notes for bad names.

Additional Information:The fuck he means he said he was going to change it the fuck

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Deleted your old appeals. Please do not clutter the forums with them. You can edit your post by clicking on the pen sign.

While i’d not delete them, do refrain from posting too many ban appeals in short time

i think they got deleted already

I changed your name for that round, and then applied the change in preferences. I may have incorrectly saved the preferences update, in which case this one’s my fault. If you tell me a name that you’re going to use that falls within the naming guidelines, I’ll lift this.

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No response, closing.