Chaplain and Holy Undead Player Reports

In-game report: Chaplain and Holy Undead Player Reports

CKEY: MalevolentBacon

Offender’s CKEY: Joelogbybolb (chaplain), and Mullerr (holy undead)

Offender’s In-Game Name: Chaplain was Ego, Holy undead got renamed to Le mage.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-13-23

Round Number: 44020

Rules Broken: 2, 8, 9.

Incident Description: This story has multiple points of concern. The Chaplain attempted to assist the wizard that appeared during this round with the flimsy excuse of “its sign from the ancient one” before the wizard promptly ignored him. Figure thats worth noting here.
Later, a nightmare of low hostility got killed in medbay. While I do not know if the chaplain got permission, they took the body and took the brain out, replacing the brain in the body with the brain of a holy undead. This holy undead was Le mage. They used this as an excuse to begin breaking lights in various locations on the station. I was a janitor this round, attempting to fix lights and clean blood, both of which were a constant problem during the shift. When I attempted to fix the lights that the chaplain and his goons were breaking, I was promptly slapped to break my flashlight, had my light replacer stolen, and then was aggressively dumped into disposals, and then they continued to break lights. During the struggle, I accidentally hit the holy undead nightmare with a broken light.
Then, on the shuttle, they continue to break lights, and then kill a janitorial borg that was attempting to fix them. this wasnt a simple slap to get him to go away. No they rushed him, and beat him to death.

Just because you are in a nightmare body doesnt mean you get to act like one. You knew the downsides of getting the body, you cant then decide that its an excuse to hurt and kill others, while vandalizing the station.

Additional Information:
I hit the holy nightmare one time, on accident. I want to clarify that before it gets brought against me or something. I was being aggressively grabbed in the dark, and attempted to push my attacker, but apparently I was holding a broken light that I thought I had stored away.

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I was also in this round, as one of the janiborgs. In the escape shuttle at the end, was sitting in a seat, someone on named Polynomius over .b said “Janiborg go fix the lights”, did that, chaplain (non antag) and nightmare (also non antag) wordlessly beat me to death after i fixed 2 lights, then said I was breaking law 3 (what?) by doing my job as an asimov janiborg. I did ahelp it but was told sorry can’t help and to make a thread. (Thanks Bacon!)

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On top of Law 3 for an asimov borg being the self preservation law, even if it had been crewismov law 1, Holy Undead are not crewmembers.

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Not only that, but in the discord he claimed that doing your job as a borg means you’re breaking law 3 if you could potentially die. You can kinda get killed by anything at anytime, therefor mov borgs should… not do anything?

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Right, our actors are :

Mullerr, the holy undead
and the Chaplain, who never became an antagonist
joelogbybolb \ Ego \ Chaplain \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART


They do grab a nightmare, saying they’ll make a funeral for it in Medbay but instead they resurrect it.
First count of self-antagging.

Then chappie transplants the Holy Undead’s brain into the Nightmare

Chappie does warn them of not damaging lights

Here they’re discussing stopping a potential hijack

And here they start breaking lights, tho it’s mostly reasonable (for its own survival)

This, however, is where they go too far.

Yeah they’ve gone too far here, with validhunting and the light destruction.

Informed the players in question about the report, will give them some time to reply.

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They also murdered me in evac shuttle at the end wordlessly, they said they told a “different jani borg to stop replacing lights” and that me replacing them as i was ordered to do (by a human? Not sure. Name was Polynomial or smth, but erring on the side of caution i replaced the two busted lights) was totally valid to be murdered.

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wasn’t this the round where:

  1. a gaggle of validhunting asimov borgs who killed and spaced said holy undead nightmare until a human told them to stop their shit
  2. the nightmare got conscripted by traitors and helped them break into the brig and, when the chaplain learned about this, asked the nightmare to help others break in to help the warden that the traitors were actively murdering (because it helped them break in to begin with, essentially meaning the chaplain wanted to reverse the damage that their minion had caused)
  3. said traitors told the nightmare about hijack, chaplain was informed, chaplain told command/sec but didn’t actively intervene until one traitor came in to kill them because we saved the warden in the brig earlier
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Sorry for the late response, I’ve been a bit busy

Regarding the nightmare revival, I did lie but it was IC given that my chaplain wanted to convert it to his religion, thinking it would be grateful for its revival.

I turned my holy undead since I was gonna turn him into a lich initially, but yes that could be construed as powergaming given there was no necessity to do so.

Yes, I ahelped if I was allowed to do it and only received a response later, where I wholly halted doing so.

Regarding the janiborg, as I recall the nightmare told me he was dying and we went to a corner to break a couple lights so it didn’t die from light exposure. As we had had an incident with a janitor (or a janiborg) who kept obsessively breaking lights after we told him it was killing the nightmare, who was mostly staying in one place if I remember correctly. Since the Holy Undead was going to die, I was a bit pressed and didn’t really get to speak with the janiborg, who I wrongly confused with the janitor we had had an altercation with previously. We did indeed wordlessly kill it. That’s the story as I remember it.

I acknowledge I did go too far, and I want to apologize to the players that were affected by my behaviour.

The nightmare was still crew and chose to get on the lit escape shuttle, they know lights kill them obviously, so instead of attacking fellow crew as a non-antag, they could have simply taken an escape pod, like the one near brig where they were busting lights and valid hunting.

It seems like the Chaplain was under the misconception that reviving someone with a ritual would ‘slave’ them to the Chaplain.

With that in mind, report processed.

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