Changeling transformation sting Rule change or outrigth removal

…you’re complaining that you have to play as someone else?


Since we’re on the topic about transforming thing… You know what should be changed? The fucking anomalous Crystal from lavaland loot that only gets used to make people into Clowns, thats X10 times worse than being transf-sting into other race or person if you ask me, because the only times i’ve seen it has been for soft-grief, I swear the anomalous crystal can do other effects (like making the tiles be jungle/grass floor, a lil tree and maybe a monkey) but it’s always a miner dragging it just to give it to the clown ‘‘for fun’’ causing everyone to be Clumsy, fucking over people in the process.

That’s way more spammable and worse than the transformation sting since it’s fucking AOE and the culprit can just drag it around and press it near people.

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you actually have to walk into the clown crystal to get converted

I think the biggest issue is that it is comically easy to do while having practically irreversable effects.

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