Change Headsets and Radio's

I had an idea to empower antagonists a small bit while kind of adding a gimmick to beestation server.

How about we remove headset radios from everyone except: Explorers, Heads of staff, Security.

Change handheld radio sprite into colours and styles of each department (which wouldn’t be hard) and have people roundstart with those in their backpacks.

This would make it so people announce only important stuff on radio, wouldn’t allow them to literally stand like a rock typing “HELP!! AT MY LOCATION!!” while traitor is splitting their skull open, and lastly it would add a bit more style to the server. (not that it lacks one)

What do y’all think about the idea?

Answer to a statement that someone will type here most likely

This is annoying : not by much, i find it extremely lazy and boring for people to stand still and forget fight or flight instinct just because they can scream on radio with one button.

If you all find it bad to throw away sprites for headsets, they can be locked up in a late-game technology i guess, but personally i don’t think that’ll be good.

I’ve had a longer post typed out but if you think this would lead to anything but everyone having their radios on at all times to send and receive, you’re in for a lesson in human behavior.


People will powergame, give out, and mass produce radios, so your suggestiion sucks

Change radios so that you have to click them in-hand to open up the text box to send a radio message. Disclaimer: I do not endorse or in any way support this change.

This would be needed yes. And there’d need to be department handheld radios.

Also removing headsets is dumb, instead non-Command/Security/Explorers should have receive-only headsets, that way hearing department radio stays private and remains useful for Command.

So the resulting changes would allow everyone to hear on all comms as usual, but for the majority of the crew they’d have to hold a radio in-hand in order to pass a message on general or department comms. I can see the advantage of people actually caring about intercoms for once, and it not being so easy to scream for help.


Radio jammer, Emp, exist for a reason ya know

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