ChadGamer08 / Jermiah / Roman Mockstatt Player Report

CKEY: brawlerhorde

Your Discord: brawlerhorde

Offender’s CKEY: ChadGamer08 / Unknown / Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Jerome Schmick, Jermiah (THE STENCH), Roman Mockstatt

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-11

Round Number: 47648

Rules Broken: R14 (Metagaming and Meta-communications), R9 (Do Not Self-Antag)

Incident Description: Jerome and Jermiah, chemist and scientist respectively, spent almost the entire round in close proximity in Medbay, with nearly zero saylogs between the two of them. Jerome was extremely LRP, using netspeak several times IC, such as “WTTFFFFF”. Later on in the round, chemist Roman Mockstatt joined, following the two around for most of the round with very few saylogs, even throwing a chemnade into the kitchen at one point that killed multiple people and set several more on fire. The only antag between the three of them was Jerome, who was a heretic (and just never did any heretic things).

Additional Information: ChadGamer08 (Jerome) and whoever plays Jermiah have had multiple instances of highly suspicious behavior over multiple rounds today, this being the second round I’ve personally witnessed. I was asked to make this report by @Marshmellow , as they could not handle the ticket in round due to playing in round as security.

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All three players are permanently banned now. Thanks for the report.

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