Chad chemists, lend me your healmix knowledge

It has come to my attention that unfortunately, chemists who actually make medicine are a rare breed. I consider myself to be rather competent (to the point that I’ve garnered a reputation) but I NEED MORE KNOWLEDGE. So, chad chemists of old (or new), I implore you to share your knowledge of chemical mixes to make spessmen vertical and/or keep them vertical.

A couple of my own include: 50u Tricordrazine and 50u Salbutomol made into five patches (“The Basic Bitch.” Hey, as long as it works.)
30u Epinepherine + 30u Atropine + 30u Salbutomol made into three bottles (or patches) (THE SUPER STABILIZING MIX, which in theory should stabilize patients quickly and effectively, but unfortunately it’s never seen practical use.)

one of my favorite tricks is to make a mix of tricord/epi/synaptizine, dip a whole pack of smokes in it and just constantly smoke. As long as the cig doesn’t go out the passive healing can bring you out of crit. Pair it with the breathing tube implant to smoke in space like a chad and shrug off space carp bites

I only carry a 4:1 Tricordrizine + Epinephrine on my person (or borg more often than not anymore), and carry it in syringes so I can give appropriate doses as needed. Critical patients are stabilized by the epinephrine long enough to be taken to medical and get a more targetted treatment for whatever is wrong with them, and non critical patients get a nice steady regeneration effect.

I don’t play chemist anymore really, but I always made a note to stock a variety of medicines in the internal cabinet when I did.

you sure thats the right mix? Tried it and died immediately and why synaptizine?

Mix Unstable Mutagen with any amount of blood to transform the mutagen into blood.

For example: 5u Blood + 90u Unstable Mutagen = 95u Blood.

Much more humane than setting IV drips to draw and hooking them up to monkeys.

how the fuck did you die immediately from smoking medicine?

The tricordizine does the bulk of the healing, the epinephrine is for crit/oxy damage. Synaptizine is just a bonus if you want to add it, reduces stuns by ~30%, combined with nicotine you have ~50% stun reduction. I’m lazy and will normally just use tricord for the cigarettes. Note that the different cigs and cigars hold different amounts of regeant. I think the green packet rollies hold the most, while cigars I avoid using, as they seem to be bugged and will use up all the regeant but continue to burn in the mask slot

Thas probably why then was using a cigar, cheers bro ill try that shit again

I just tried the epi/synaptizine mix, the epi and synaptizine actually wont get absorbed unless you have a large amount in the cig. perhaps its better to just use tricordizine for the best healing buff.

Another fun trick, if you dip the cig into a potassium beaker, then into a water beaker, you just made an exploding cigar. Only explodes when lit, good fun for the clown or traitor

Just inject it with plasma for that


dipping a cigar in plasma will outright kill an unarmored person, but im pretty sure the 5u potassium 10u water cigar just stuns for about 3-4 seconds along with minor damage and temp deafness

plasma cigar stronk but if you dont have any plasma or are just clowning you could fall back on a potassium/water cigar.

pretty sure 1u of virus droppered onto a cig is enough to transmit it as well

So Ive been experimenting recently and have found a chem that will make you immortal basically, except to stunbatons and flashes because their overpowered to hell. The best tool for application has got to be a hacked vape from the cigarrette machine as you get smoking, injestion and touch effects all at the same time all the time.

For the Mix I use:
Tricord 1 carbon 1 oxygen 1 sugar, 1 carbon 1 silicon, 1 nitrogen 1 silicon 1 potassium
epinephrine - vending machine
cryoxadone 40 plasma 5 welding 5 carbon 5 hydrogen 15 welding fuel 15 oxygen 15 chlorine 15 phosphorus 15 radium
Perfluorodecalin 1 hydrogen 1 fluorine, 1 welding fuel 1 carbon 1 hydrogen
Leporazine 1 copper 1 silicon 1 plasma
bicardine 1 carbon 1 oxygen 1 sugar
Dexalin Plus 5 plasma 40 oxygen 40 carbon 40 iron

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Your mix seems a bit odd. It’s heavily slanted towards healing oxy damage with both dexalin plus and perfluor, do you really need to heal 18 oxy damage every tick? Also, the cryoxadone will be offset by the leporazine, there’s only the tricord for healing burn and toxin damage, and the bicar and tricord won’t heal fast enough to offset a toolbox to the head. The epinephrine will heal you out crit, but it gives no stun resistance or stamina regen, and I would replace it with atropine, a superior stabilizer by four times. If you want a more combat-oriented mix, add aranesp, it deals surprisingly low oxy damage for its massive stamina regen. It doesn’t heal stamina fast enough to tank batons or disablers, but it will take more hits to down you and you can get right back up as someone puts their weapon away to pull out handcuffs. There should be other narcotics to mitigate the knockdown part of batons. For flashes just wear sunglasses. Not a bad mix overall, but could be improved and specialized.

Oxyloss is the biggest factor in getting out of crit

hmm if i combine my stimulant pill with a complementing E-cig mix i could become a literal god… yes this is good to know.

very cool, i never thought about combining the vapes with healmix, ill have to try that.

I think the only other practical tip I have for keeping spacemans alive is to encourage use of the emergency medical suite on the holodeck. You can do a lot with the grinder and chem-master supplied there.

whats yo stimulant pill? Or that a trade secret boi

the epinephrine was more for convenience because you can grab it straight out a minimed but i see yo point will try it with atropine and aranesp, jus gotta make sure not to OD because i think the hacked vape triple the intake of reagents, because you smoke it, ingest it and touch it , but yeah thanks for the tip.

You can stick the vape in the mouth of a humanized monkey to test for overdoses, using a health analyzer. Also, consider adding kelotane for evenly balanced healing.
If you can get it, use earthsblood and mannitol for an absurd omniheal, 3 per tick for brute/burn/toxin, 15 for oxy (ditch the dexalin) and THIRTY for stamina. (ditch aranesp, or keep for a ghetto hulk) This is a late game chem, and requires the existence, cooperation, goodwill, and competence of the botanists, an unlikely combination if there ever was one. If all the trays are upgraded (glowing gold), it’s worth a try, because the botanists should have lots of high-potency leaves lying around that are now useless to them. They might brush you off to make their own healing plant with earthsblood and syndicate nanites, though. My number one chem tip is to give the botanists their bloody mutagen.

You only lose oxy when you go into soft crit at 0 until you suffocate to death at -100. As long as you stay at 1 or above health and aren’t bleeding you’re completely stable and can walk around.

Ten units omnizine. Ten units regen jelly. Ten units Atropine. Ten units Doctor’s Delight. Ten units Hearty punch. All in a pill. Remove omnizine if in patchform.
How I get all that is a completely different story.