Cetus player report

In-game report: Cetus player report

CKEY: Doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

Offender’s CKEY: Isy232

Offender’s In-Game Name: Cetus

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09.12.2021

Round Number: 32637

Rules Broken: Rule 13

Incident Description: Plasmaflooded as the AI to isolate and kill the ERT to prevent harm from their masters.

Additional Information: The plasmaflood lead to the death of the ERT but also some innocent none involved crewmembersaswell as possibly the non revivability of one or two of their masters also destruction of parts of the station

One thing I think it is important to note is that I only had one master, Solomon the roboticist who I was to follow their orders and be “loyal” to. I was not told that I should cooperate with any other syndicate agents so I did not take their lives into consideration when deciding to plasma flood to save my master.

My one and only master was being dragged around and harmed by the ERT. I kept trying to crush members of the ERT with doors, however the rest of the ERT kept pulling them out and healing them. At this point my master was dragged somewhere and a majority of the ERT were in the bridge.

I locked the bridge down, disabled the APC’s and then added plasma to the distro.

The plan was to burn the ERT on the bridge so that I could try to save my master without them getting in the way. I had planned on only adding the plasma to the bridge by maximizing the input on the bridge air alarm.

However, suprisingly the main hall started immediately filling with large amounts of plasma. I did not expect this to happen as if the main hallway was full of air the vents would not have added more gasses from the distro and not have plasmaflooded the main hall immediately. I expected significant amounts of plasma to only start flowing into areas that were breached or areas I had set the air alarms to maximize gas output.

I have plasmaflooded before and this was based on that observation. Sometimes small amounts of plasma come out without maximizing air alarm output, however a suprising amount came out all over.

In retrospect, about 20 minutes earlier medbay had been set on fire and I had set the air alarms to “draught” or whatever to try to cycle the heat out. This may have been the cause of all of the plasma. I did not remember this at the time.
I think there might have also been a breach in chemistry at one point I saw as a ghost, that may have contributed, though that was also 20-30 minutes before I did my plasmaflooding.

Then I was unsubverted through a reset of my laws. I turned off the plasma injector and did my best to clean up the mess and save whoever was still alive.

Plasmaflooding was not the best of ideas, however nothing else I was trying seemed to be working. The ERT kept saving eachother from my door crushing, kept custody of my master, and were actively trying to break out of the bridge I had trapped them in.

I also do not believe my laws contained any clauses to avoid harming my master, only to be loyal to them. Therefore I decided it would be best to try to save them at the risk causing them some harm instead of doing nothing and letting the ERT who had been harming my master keep custody of them. My master was also not in any visible area at the time of plasmaflooding or on suit sensors. I checked just to make sure. This lead me to believe they were likely in maintenance or space so they would be unharmed by my addition of plasma.

So it seems like you were a freeform subversion? Else syndieOS lawset would make you loyal to all.

To me this just seems like an uploader messing up laws and giving AI too much freedom to act as they thought fit.