Cenrus - player feedback

Hello BeeStation, I am Cenrus, but you’ll likely know me as Karen Holmes, the blonde medic and baton user with too much free time.

When playing normally, I do my best to prolong the stations inevitable destruction to the best of my ability, but usually to no avail.

When I am a traitor, expect anything. I usually try different, stupid gimmicks to attract attention from the crew.

Expect to see me on the Sage server during the quieter hours, and Golden any other time.

based as fuck mommy karen, does alot of prs very good person, please respect karen amazing number 1!!!

Well, your traitor gimmick of “steal everything and sell it” was fun until you stole PROTEUS (me). Generally though, you’re cool.

The briefcase telepad is a very good traitor item.

Armory? Gone.
Head lockers? Gone.
AI? Also gone.

what if you wanted to have a peaceful disease free shift but the viro clan said that it feels like your lungs are shrinking

Agreed, it’s criminally underused.

the briefcase launchpad is like the freaking EMP kit

it’s way too cheap for its use

Two of my favorites, both of which have low cost due to how infrequent their use is

Karen? The only Karen Holmes?

My Karencita!

I wouldn’t miss posting into your feedback’s thread for all the gold on lavaland!

What can I say about Karen Holmes… let me think…

She is incredible, a robust player, her knowledge can outsmart the vast majority of even the other knowledgeable players. When you see blond hair going wild around the station, it’s her. If she is part of our janitorial team, you can bet that the floor will be clean and there will be no garbage around. And that’s during nuke ops, imagine during a normal shift!

If she is a medic, have no fear. She will go beyond walls of solid plasma, while it’s even burning, all laughing, to get your body back to life.

And she will succeed. Oh if she will succeed!

Are simply countless the times she helped me out of a tight spot. Always with a smile on her face and never asking something in return. She is a gem, plain and simple.

If she is an RD or a scientist beware, if there is a property a slime has, she knows it and it’s already working on it. No wall of ignorance, no hardships, no sleepless night will ever slow her down in her road to enlightenment.

And if she is a traitor… Beware. You won’t predict her moves. She will think faster than you and move even faster. In that case, you won’t see her blonde hair… you will see the blonde aura that her blonde hair has left while she was running, augmented to the toes, ready to wreak havoc in the most correct and full of sportsmanship way around.

In short one of the most beautiful person, we have in all the game. I’m glad I was lucky enough to get to know her.

Karencita, never leave us.

You would make all of us poorer.

Not gonna lie, I don’t think infrequent use can justify the low price. EMP kit should cost at least as much as the radio jammer currently does, if not slightly more, and the EMP flash light should be similarly priced, in my opinion.

before we get too off topic

i should say that the EMP kit in the 2013 era of TG station cost about 6 telecrystals (in today money, 3 telecrystals in past money), and you got 2 EMP nades, the EMP implanter, and the EMP flashlight

Holy frick, that’s horrible.

My main issue with the price on the kit is honestly the implant. The 5 grenades are good, but i’d say are worth 3-4 TC on their own, considering the ease in which you can acquire EMPs, and the fact that you can usually run away before they activate them. The implant on the other hand is an instant, three use item that you full on can’t counter, since they can use it even when stunned. The EMP flash light is a whole other thing that I don’t want to get into right now, since that’s almost never used.

If the EMP implant was it’s own separate thing that costed 6-7, and the EMP grenade kit was 3-4, I think that would be fine, personally. Maybe the flashlight could be 4-5.

But yeah, I probably should stop derailing this now.

Most playtime and beecoins.


Karen Holmes is very good player
Even when she is antag and I cry in general, I’m injured, being a plasmeme I know no one will save me
But in comes a golden haired angel and carries my critting self into med and patches me up

When they are on my team I know we will win
But I forget they can be antag and meta trust them too much

They are On my no kill list

Extremely based individual… Please don’t leave us ;(

Literally the best player I’ve seen please apply for admin pleaase pleaeses pelase pleaseasesease

my nuts fucking quake against the walls of my scrotum when i inhale your pheromones

aren’t you 12


That’s alarming.


that’s what oshi and the people at hyper station keep saying