Ce research item

a special stunprod that kills all mice on the station when connected to the power grid

picture of when the ce finds the rat that’s been eating 5 cables in the maintenance just outside engineering

y e s p l e a s e I h a t e m i c e o n l o w p o p M R P

18 tc syndicate stunprod that when connected to the power grid, does an electrical shock around any and all cable coils hooked up to the grid with a 6 tile range that does good damage

something like 60 damage or some shit

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That sounds oddly like the power gloves I saw on the paradise wiki.

do you think maybe that’s what i stole my idea from

It’s not stealing if you change it from a glove to a baton.

In other news, lightning hand mutation does a similar thing, except you don’t need wires, and you don’t see any epic lightning bolts.

and you cant make star wars meems of I AM THE COUNCIL

That hurts. I want a lightning bolt effect just for that reason.