Cat Surgeon Poll

  • Yeah, I think that Cat surgeon is good and an interesting contribution to the game
  • No, I hate Cat surgeon it adds nothing to the game
  • HAHAHAHA CAT SURGEON GOT LIKE 5 PEOPLE INCLUDING 3 SECCIES LOL!1! (This means no as well, because fuck you)
  • I dunno man…like takes a drag from their ciggerete i think it’s a mechanic that some people would like get upset with…and some would enjoy it…man

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It’s one of those things that happen. Sometimes you outplay the cat surgeon. Sometimes you’re catified.

I know, but I wish we just had like…a normal enemy instead of one used to annoy people, the coder literally wanted to add it to annoy people

Cat surgeon is great, and one of the best motivators not to be a felinid in the game.

Down with felinids


Ok yeah? hate felinids and felinid players Ruko? get rid of your catmins, i dare you!

Do I actually? No. Am I going to meme about it? Yes.

Felinids are an uninteresting and bland race that offers next to nothing to the game and should be merged with humans just to cut down on clutter imo.

Also can you imagine the extreme salt when Asimov silicons have to treat cat-eared humans as actual humans?


In my opinion, the cat surgeon adds some of the danger that random maint needed. I cant remember if maint traps got removed or not, but it still contributes to making maintenance the dangerous place its meant to be.


sadly never happens Ruko

I really like this idea tho, then we can have dog girls

It’s good because it gives a challenge when you try to tide some stuff in maint

Also if you take their clothes you can do a mad scientist gimmick thing in maint

What I like is that if you buy chameleon thermals as traitor or IAA or somethint you can see them through a wall and easily avoid them

HOWEVER I kind of hate them because medical is grossly incompetent on bee (most of the time) and when I ask them to replace the cat ears and remove the pacification, they just sometimes bludgeon me fornoraisin


replace them with elder scrolls khahit’s

The cat surgeon should stay, nothing like setting a trap for syndicate agents. Did it once, managed to get two agents pacified before it died. Best syndicate round ever.




Still better than taking up an entire race.

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Just put a couple syndie mobs in there.

Some stormtroopers, some commanders, maybe a few Dark Gygaxes?

walk into maints for funny maintpill
round is fucked because you walked into a room with no weapons, now your pacified and medbay doesn’t care
it ruined everyone’s antag round at least once
it’s cringe, cringe, and cringe
also forced felind is horrible, leading cause of suicide

You can solo it with nothing but your oxygen tank from your roundstart box.
Get robust and stop whining.


I genuinely never knew this lmao I just ran half the time

I just assumed that circular saw would out dps a fucking oxygen tank holy shit

It doesn’t actually do circular saw damage, and running is the biggest mistake that will get you knocked down by his syringe, he doesn’t fire it if you stay in melee range. (At least not yet, zams has an open PR that might change that.)

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imo the syringe is easy to dodge (and for some reason I never went down with only a single syringe) but I just assumed walking into him without a decent weapon meant you would get out dps’d
I guess I’m just skulldented