Caswell Adley player report

CKEY: crow4

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: __ fearchan__

Offender’s In-Game Name: Caswell Adley

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01/30/23

Round Number: 42490

Rules Broken: 9.4 " Granting mass sentience will be treated as self-antag if more creatures are given sentience than you can maintain reasonable command over. Direct disobedience to orders will still be at the fault of the sentient creature, but vague instructions such as “Do whatever you want” or “You’re free” will be at the fault of the player in charge of issuing orders.

Incident Description: Caswell Adley created a bunch of sentient xenobio mobs, one (a space bear) wandered into robotics and randomly killed me. They were not an antag. They gave them the “Go do whatever” order. Also told the RD they “had no grounds” to demote him and salted the entire time he was demoted. According to dchat this player has a huge tendency to do this exact thing.

Additional Information: Very lame


I don’t know if this’ll be considered a peanut post or not, but every time I see Caswell he’s pulling some shit like this.

This weekend I asked science for an extract and when the scientist went to grab it from xenobio he said Caswell physically shoved him out and had a HEATED GAMER MOMENT at the mere thought of someone intruding on his space. Granted, this I didn’t see this directly but the scientist didn’t have any real reason to lie about it. Whoever it was, if it helps jog your memory I was Plutonium XXI the Botanist and you were a gray-ish lizard I think.


idk, never have had any issues with my commands to my experiments. and the chaplain that round was allowed to have sentient creatures in the church without an issue, and he had dangerous creatures, too. whenever i play xeno, i make sentient creatures because it’s fun and it aligns with my “mad scientist” character, who prefers the company of his creepy experiments. also, scanning the pacified mobs gives good points.

sorry i didn’t specify “don’t kill people”; i assumed no one would have to be told not to break server rules.

RD was also mad that I had no grey slimes to spare that round, having worked the entire time alone, so he found a way to get himself promoted to RD, and when I asked for him to explain why he ordered me not to make creatures, especially after the chaplain was allowed to have them, and I’m sure RD was using the points I collected from scanning.

anyway, this is all stupid lmao. in the future, i’ll specify obvious rule stuff, just in case.

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have you considered that people usually run in and kill others when they’re antag, and my character is supposed to be paranoid and weird, as a mad scientist?

idk, it’s just kinda funny that people are allowed to be asshole characters all the time, but as soon as i try to play as an uptight scientist germaphobe, people get upset. even though i don’t roleplay as “nice”, “helpful” characters.

They don’t have to be sentient to be scanned, you can hang out with simplemobs, but you made them, and were vague on the orders, resulting in catastrophic crew harm. Also the stuff you said to the RD may be breaking rule 7, as you threatened to “report him” IC.

to report him to the heads? As in, report them to the captain or HoP? and i make them sentient so my character can hang out with his monsters

you’re gonna report the RD… to the heads? That’s not what you meant, i’m sure the logs will clarify that.

i don’t think we’re talking about the same character here. and idk, it’s pretty realistic to tell another head if some other head is acting out of line, it’s happened in sec and cargo.

Nah, it was the officer he said he was going to report. And that apparently I was giving lots of stuff to do so. Very ICK OCK

I’m not sure i was ghostin’ it up big time with my ghost homies, doin it up. I just saw the outline of the chat mostly

report the officer to the heads, yes.

I won’t peanut any more than to say your logs with the officer were super cringe and toxic.

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my character was being arrested for doing his job, i think anyone would be shitty about it. i know you all want perfect, nice, happy-go-lucky characters, but the real world isn’t like that.

when you barge into someone’s department and start messing with their shit, it’s understandable that they’d be pressed about it. that’s part of Cas’ character, anyway; he’s an eccentric germaphobe mad scientist.


You weren’t “doing your job” you created a bunch of sentient mobs for no reason other than to make them as “it’s fun” and we have a rule specifically for that, which you broke by not handling your mobs. That’s why you got demoted, because it’s not your job to unleash a tide of monsters on the station because “it’s fun”.

i’d love to sit on the forums all night and argue about why my anti-social weirdo character is an anti-social weirdo, but i have to go sit in an office for 10 hours in the morning.


There’s no reason to talk about your style of RP at all, even, you simply may have broken a rule which caused my round to be ended, and i was an antag, it was gonna be fun. but no, random bear.

“a tide of monsters”

one space bear who was passive when i spawned it (i think the RD spawned it, actually), and I told him, “enjoy life, my son” and then he started attacking someone randomly.

i can’t control how someone plays inside a mob. i’ve never had anyone do that, and i’ve never had issues playing xeno this way before.

You forgot the two other bears, the killer bee, and the two watchers (Which is just what I personally saw), one of the watchers you ran to make right before evac after getting arrested out of spite, you didn’t even give him orders just ran to evac

what are you even talking about? you or i must be confused

i only used a sentience potion on a gondola and a space polar bear. the chaplain asked for stuff to make his own creatures, which i gave him. i don’t use sentience potions on watchers, i usually keep them for things i think are cute

and in the future, i will specify for sentient creatures not to cause harm. i legit didn’t think i’d have to tell someone not to break rules, but here we are i guess; i’ve never had to tell my creatures not to hurt anyone when i create them, i tell them to be safe and help with the current situation (i.e. cult, blob, whatever), or to just chill out


here’s that bit about the report specifically


here’s right after he shoved the detective (germaphobe touching guy?), who took him to brig for all of 3 minutes.

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