Caseapollo58143 banned by "sergei koralev"

Title: caseapollo58143 banned by “sergei koralev”

Admin’s CKEY:
sergei koralev (i think)
Ban Type:
some of the antag roles it seemed random
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
22nd december
Ban Reason:
"Almost instantly managed to throw themselves out the cargo airlock, died, and immediately took a ghost role without reading the description of said roll. Proceeded to create a rather impressive number of explosive plants as a lifebringer and attempted to use them to threaten the station. Self-antag. Not very understanding that what they did violates our rules in the ticke

sorry about grammar its 2 am and ive drank a few most a beestation server holds 70 users, and at most hold around 2 miners, meaning there is roughly 1.4% miners, in beestation acacia there is usually (and this is very optimistic) 15 players on a good day, this means there would be about 0.21% chance of a miner being present, therefore there is an almost impossible chance that anyone could have been antagonised by my actions.

  1. as a lifebringer, you are typically provided with many exotic seeds, including but not limited to, cherry bombs, gatfruit, various berries and a lot more stuff i probably havent seen, if these were not meant to be used then why would they be provided? it was a misjudgement to try and open a door with roughly a bajillion units of black powder but i feel like that is an issue with the ghost role itself rather than me creating “an impressive collection of bombs” because muh antag (thats a quote im not admiring myself) i believe the equipment provided misleads and leads to an easy misinterpretation of motives

  2. the mod in question was not very professional in their actions, not their attitude but what they did, at first it seemed liked they were mad at me for blowing up a part of the outpost which is completely understandable, but then they started pulling up ,my original death which was completely unrelated in an effort to get more dirt on me i suppose, then rather than taking the items i had on me they figured the best course of action was to teleport me into lava and then close the ticket so i couldnt say anything about it, then at some point when i voiced my anger they tried to threaten me with “would you rather try for grief?” which i dont even know if its worse but the way that was presented was almost certainly with malicious intent, i believe if they are in charge of this appeal then they will simply reject it simply on account of this paragraph, he is the only semi active mod on acacia and i think that goes straight to his noggin

4.the blowing a hole in the floor was a mistake, unlike pro mlg ss13 gameres i dont know everything about explosion physics and even less black powder (which i now know is in cherries) in my uneducated theory i figured it would be a 2d explposion, this was almost proven throughout my adventure as none of the times did my bombs blow a hole through the fragile and ashy floor of lavaland, i believe this to be partly whoever made the explosion physics fault for pranking me so hard with that code

5.hypocrisy, many, many times have i seen rule after rule been broken on acacia, sometimes ive seen people report them or ive reported them myself, i have a memory of a guy i cuffed as antag going off on me ooc and calling me a fatass, people holding ooc grudges to specifically detriment others games and none of those times have those problems been dealt with, even when they havent been cast to the abyss of no admin online pit

6.its claimed my threats are part of why i was accused of self antag, but, anyone can make a threat but its very different to make a threat rather than act upon it, at no point did i blow anyone up nor was anyone likely effected by my actions (i wouuldnt know because of part 3) if threats ic are to be taken seriously then why are comments such as “ill kick your ass etc.” not held to the same degree??

7.its stated in my ban that i killed myself specifically to become a lifebringer, but, how , as a qm, with no miners would i know about the liferbringers? its quite literally impossible unless i went down there myself which i didnt, my death was a big fuckup on my part and i ghost roled out of anger due to my incompetence, 13 minutes is not “almost instantly”, 13 minutes is about 1/8 of an entire usual bee round, i done goofed and that shouldnt have been contributed to my ban

im goin bed will reply to things if i remember to

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i never said he was incompetent i said he was rude

Ok pal, I’m gonna help ya. Delete this. Remake it with only important relevant things. Make an admin report for everything else about the admin. This appeal doesn’t look good for you at all. Don’t go on a whole rant just explain things in sort consistency points. Don’t try to be bitter and mention things not relevant to the situation

Example for how to state it easier and you can add more important details

  1. You accidentally spaced your self within 13 minutes of the round not “instantly managed to throw themselves out the cargo airlock”
  2. You took a ghost roll because you where mad that you managed to space yourself.
  3. Life bringers have access to many special seeds, if they weren’t meant to be used then the mapper or coder should remove them.
  4. You’re not an expert with explosives cherries and didn’t expect them to cause that amount of damage.
  5. State that no where in the wiki rules does it state that threats are self-antag
  1. Server population is not an exception to individual conduct.

  2. As a lavaland spawn, even more specifically as a lifebringer, you are not an antagonist which means you shouldn’t behave like one. Blowing holes in the mining outpost and threatening to bomb the station is behaving like an antag.

  3. If you believe I’ve violated our Admin Conduct Policy please feel free to provide a report in the appropriate section of the forums.

  4. Deflecting your wrath at code doesn’t change anything.

  5. Just because someone else did it and (apparently) didn’t get caught doesn’t mean that it’s not against the rules. If you feel someone has violated our rules please provide a specific description of the incident in the appropriate forum section.

  6. You did significant damage to the mining base (blowing the floor open or not) and I refer to point 2.

  7. I actually at no point specified that you killed yourself to become a lifebringer. I stated that you threw yourself out an airlock and then almost immediately took a ghost role. You have notes for antag rolling in the past, which is also against our rules.

Try 27 seconds.


[2021-12-21 23:27:12.037] EMOTE: Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) seizes up and falls limp, his eyes dead and lifeless (Space (56, 150, 2))
[2021-12-21 23:27:12.039] GAME: Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) has died (BRUTE: 129, BURN: 2, TOX: 0, OXY: 87.7667, CLONE: 0) (Space (56, 150, 2))
[2021-12-21 23:27:12.042] ACCESS: Mob Login: Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
[2021-12-21 23:27:12.058] GAME: Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) Client Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) has taken ownership of mob Patton Chauvin(/mob/dead/observer) (Space (56, 150, 2))
[2021-12-21 23:27:37.531] GAME: Caseapollo58143/(Patton Chauvin) became a lifebringer
[2021-12-21 23:27:37.540] ACCESS: Mob Login: caseapollo58143/(a lifebringer) was assigned to a /mob/living/carbon/human

Also just for the record your body was recovered by a paramedic just over a minute after you died.


I think 13 minutes might’ve been referring to the time they were alive before suiciding, meant to say that they went through what they consider to be an eighth of a full round before they decided to do that.

Alright, there’s been about 8 hours to respond, I’ve had other members of the administrative team give me feedback and I’m sustaining the ban.

Here are my reason(s)

  1. Appeal out of format for ban type (ghost role), ban date (wrong date format) [Note: Round 34,859 started on Dec. 21, and logs are under that date]
  2. See prior statements in response to original appeal.
  3. Feedback from other admins telling me I should sustain the ban.
  4. History of self-antagonism
  5. No recognition of why what they did violates the rules.

Try sober next time.

Appeal Denied