Carsontheking Banned by winterdarkraven

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
one week
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Giving out extended access to high-security areas, such as viro and security. Please respect Command roles with access to modify ID cards.
Appeal Reason:
the only egregious access I remember I gave out was to the chaplain, who I was under direct orders of the captain to give, along with promoting the warden to the head of security when there was no head of security, and captain once again gave the go ahead.

Chaplain here

I was a heretic, and managed to convince the captain that holy water was a defense against heretics, once the first heretic was discovered. I asked the cap for AA to go around blessing places, because there were influences in both the HoP office and the Bridge. I went over to the HoP and told him Cap said he could give me AA. The HoP wanted to confirm this, and I believe something along the lines of “Cap said you could have almost all access but not full AA, I’ll let you into bridge myself” was said, at which point I got access to almost everything (including CMO’s office, and potentially other offices, I didn’t check). Overall I do believe that the HoP was just following orders, although having someone know that holy water does nothing versus heretics might have been handy. As to the high security area access, such as offices and the sec lathe area, an argument could be made on both sides with points such as “he should have had someone escort him to those areas”, or “because those areas contain high value items like guns and steal objectives, we need them blessed fast and can’t afford for someone to open the door when a heretic could ashen shift in and steal it”

I don’t have an argument against the sec lathe and CMO’s office, that was human error on my part. I know it wont help my appeal here, but id feel morally wrong if I didn’t say that. I didnt really think of the sec lathe when giving security access, to be honest, I was mainly thinking of the armory and brig, I believe I gave security access on which I decided that locker items wouldn’t be too big an issue, and that security could personally escort you to other areas within the department, i also gave courtroom, so once again, that was just human error

Was the chaplain the only one who was given access, or was this done for others as well?

Just to cover bases since you have a relatively low amount of hours played here, keep in mind that command are expected to follow SOP pretty closely and also to enforce it upon the crew members working under them. Other crew don’t have to follow them nearly as religiously, but are expected to acknowledge they exist at the least.

that amount of access? yes. otherwise I tried to keep minimal access changes, especially interdepartmental ones. though I do believe I gave a janitor kitchen and bar but even thats not too out of the ordinary

All of these jobs are under your supervision, so no it’s not that bad. Giving someone Medbay without asking the CMO would be bad, for example.

I don’t have logs to confirm what you’re claiming, but unless there’s lying going on it doesn’t really sound like this ban was necessary.

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alright, thank you for your time. thats about all there is to it, the story that is.

If the captain authourized it for security reasons, is it really the HoP’s fault?

The captain is above them in the chain of command and ordered them to do it with the excuse of security reasons. Following their orders seems rationally to me.

I second Ruko’s opinion here.

You weren’t available when I noticed in the logs. The records have been updated, this was completely un-needed.