[CarsonEagle] banned by [Pixeman77]

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

CKEY: CarsonEagle

Admin’s CKEY: Pixelman77

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both!

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perm

Ban Date (12/20/2020):

Round ID: 22038

Ban Reason: Banned for metagaming and grudging.

Appeal Reason: I want to get on Bee and learn to stop being toxic.

Additional Information: I am now doing a self-help thing where If I’m being salty, I’ll ingest and consume actual raw salt.

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In the long term, high salt intake may cause a rise in blood pressure and increase the risk of stomach cancer, heart disease, and premature death, if you overdose on about 3 spoonfuls of salt.


You’ll end up fucking killing yourself like that, especially if you play ss13 while doing it.

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A recipe for disaster
Good luck with your problems

Peanut goes brrr

it’s nerf or nothing, this swag gentleman should be unbanned

It helped with my Overwatch salt lmao. It’ll work here!

Pixelman77 has retired, so I guess someone else will have to take this.
If you want to your ban to be lifted I suggest that you get a vouch from one of the other major servers.
Also, sodium chloride poisoning is a thing

so I suggest that you don’t actually do that please. An average adult should eat no more than 6 grams of salt per day, however less is better.
Also if you’re picking salt, I suggest going for iodized salt as it’s generally healthier.

I mirror this sentiment. You are among the worst of the worst players to have ever dealt with as an admin, let alone as a fellow player. It’s going to take more than a (hopefully) fake self-discipline joke for me to believe you have changed how you plan to interact.


A vouch from some reputable station would certainly help your situation.

As above for me as well. Pixel has since retired. 4 admin consensus is easily enough.

Return with a vouch from a reputable server. Until then this is denied.

PS. Salt bad.