Carlospaul banned by Cerebrollolzy

CKEY: Carlospaul

Admin’s CKEY: Cerebrollolzy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? low rp Golden

Ban Type: global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): September 6, 2020

Round ID: 20884

Ban Reason: PDA’d everyone: poop on my cock I say poop on my cock There are minors that play on our server. Feel free to go to one of the containment servers, they’ll be glad to have you…

Appeal Reason: I didn’t realize that Bee was trying to appeal to little children and get little children to play SS13 and play on their server. I thought shitposting was allowed on low rp servers since it is low rp. I didnt even get a warning, I wont say poop on my cock again.

Additional Information: none


the absolute state of bee

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this person is impersonating me

I can’t see any credible indications they are related ckeys so I assume they aren’t the same person until shown otherwise.

sounds good to me bro

can admins respond to this ban appeal

@GameAdmin hey bb :flushed:

Pulled all the info I’ve got and I’m inclined to agree it’s not carlospaul that made or used the second account.
I’m cool with an unban given the evasion wasn’t them.

Can this get accepted


Yeah my guys its been 12 days, give my man the unban.

Imagine being banned for saying that, lmao


There’s actually been discussion on him ongoing and the vote is more or less tied despite the appearance in the thread. He’s done some really bad-faith trolling and someone following up on my log-checking found that he had been frequently bypassing the filter when admins aren’t on to do something about it.

Personally received a DM from this player talking about the “pedo infestation” on Bee.

I really doubt that this appeal was made in good faith.

Looking through the logs, it seems you have several previously undetected instances of bypassing the wordfilter in a very blatant manner and posting some very questionable messages, many of which are actually on the MRP server.
Since your appeal does not reflect any remorse for what I consider to be something even more serious than what you were ultimately banned for, I am of the opinion that this should be denied at least until you come up with a more sincerely written appeal.

I realize I came at you too bluntly. Ravellon answered all the questions I had about Bee and it cleared every misconception I had. I now know that the word filter wasnt put in place to attract minors so I won’t be bypassing it anymore.

After reading through all this, personally I feel like a time reduction to a month or so might be the best I’d give. After dealing with similar things months back un-banning people who act this way usually leads to them repeating the same thing.
Sorry man, but you need to take some time to think about everything.

He was not antagonistic or disingenious in the DMs. I would not consider it trolling.
Removing the perma sounds good to me, whether you want to make it a month or something else.

I have thought. I bypassed the filter because I was under the impression that Bee was infested with pedos and was using this filter to attract children.

The fuck is wrong with you? Who thinks these things?

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what do you mean what is wrong with me