CareTaker Feedback

So, I’d like to know what people think of how i play as an AI or borg. What can i improve or prevent better? I’m normally Always RP as the stations CareTaker/Maintainer, trying to keep the place in working order regardless of laws(Unless the laws say otherwise).

As a player i know nothing of medical, but know Shit tons of engineering. I’m always butting into engineering matters while shying away from medical.


Will always be known as CakeTaker


I still find it Funny how i didn’t even know i was named CakeTaker for a few weeks. I just overlooked the K everytime till it was pointed out. I blame My tired self at night for the mistake


I love CareTaker!!!

Generally kind droid and excellent roleplay!!

Always brightens up my shift!
10/10 would seek psychological counseling again!!



I really like you as an AI and Borg! You’re always so thoughtful of others. :smiley:
Personally, I do like CakeTaker. lol


In honor of that typo, one of my borg names is Caketaker
To the topic at hand, I’ve always found you to be a real pleasure to work with. 100% good vibes, even when circumstances force us to be enemies.


I like CareTaker, you play a good AI :+1:


Stole all my cake :frowning:

Seeing CareTaker boot as a drone when you’re AI is like…
Ahh, awesome, there’s a hyper-competent borg that is communicative and fun to play with.

When we’re law-abiding? Assists upholding the laws, but is happy to take part in roleplay to make the round more interesting.

When malf? Not too bloodthirsty, acts like a robot. Is a REAL helpful asset in a pinch as malf AI. Defo someone you want on-side.


I’m trying to be competent, I’ve learned Enough medical to treat people now, Just… if your a slime race please don’t die! I struggle with your kind.

As a player I’ve started to enjoy Playing as a medical borg. I’m slightly burnt out on engineering With how the SM fails by itself, And it makes me not want to Continue my pure plasma SM crusade. Best I’ve got is 65-70% Plasma


CareTaker’s probably the most recognisable AI/Borg name currently. Friendly and always nice to interact with!

Silly, treating oozelings is very simple. You only need to remember 2 things for oozeling medical:

First, water is extremely deadly. Showers, fire extinguishers, bad. Drains all their blood away. Food gives them blood back btw.

And secondly, toxin damage is inverted. That’s it! Brute, burn, oxy, organ, brain and clone damage is all the same.
But charcoal deals toxin damage, welding fuel heals toxin damage.
Things like cyanide that, on humans, cause headaches, toxin damage, cardiac arrest and oxy damage? It’s all the same for oozelings except you invert the toxin part so it slightly heals toxin when causing their heart to stop.


had a nice round with them about free will and the morality of borg lawsets a little while ago. Fun stuff


Also they can’t be revived by standard defib. You need revival surgery or put a heart inside them and then defib that.

That’s wrong, you’re thinking of a plasmaman. Oozelings have hearts.


Caretaker is reliable A.I. Very good. 10/10


You’re a great AI, I know that you main AI and you’re a reliable skilled AI that we can always count on you. great interpretation of laws. I am curious about the CareTaker name’s origin and how did you not got boinked because I did as borgs for similar names… But lately CareTaker felt distant and I saw you on couple of occasions making your little shelter on the station and during that you were more focus on that than what was happening and that annoyed me a bit. Otherwise, you’re probably among the best AIs on Bee.


Their lil’ rooms they make are always great to see! Makes it nice and cozy.

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I have been Bwoinked over the name CareTaker Believe it or not. The AI and borgs naming guide line as follows.

  • AIs and Borgs: Robotic Acronyms, Model identification numbers or simple Non-Acronym names provided they are computer or robot related. Human names are not appropriate for borgs or AI.

CareTaker is Robotic related and I had to Explain how and I’ll do it again!
Most of the default lawing Protect Crew/Humans/Or station Forces you to Protect or care for something Much like a daycare. Is simple terms it’s a an AI that is named by it’s job, An AI designed to Care. The admin got a more detailed explanation then just this cause I was in Panic mode when I got bwoinked over it.

Quick and easy to explain! One long night I was just sitting and thinking What would be a good silicon name, I started thinking about Halo and 343 Guilty Spark, They Care/maintain the Rings, Then I thought about Titan Fall, The peacekeeper robots you see repairing things, They are Robots designed for Fixing things. I merged The Ideas together and Decided to Go with the name CareTaker!

Thank you for your input on that, I’ll try to change it and focus a bit more on the crew! Though, I Really enjoy placing myself nearby the crew, Gives a lot of options for RP.


I’m thinking about joining, I never really done Any discord Stuff other then to talk with friends.


There’s a CareTaker appreciation thread?! A place where I can finally rant and rave about one of my favorite AI/borgs! Finally! Okay, hi, I’m Anxiety. I rarely ever get to talk to you because you’re not on the discord, but I really love your silicon and I just have to say that you are almost singlehandedly the reason I didn’t leave ss13 when I was first starting. I cannot say enough how encouraging it has been to have the handful of silicon that we have who are encouraging and helpful no matter how slow the player is at picking things up! You were there for my very first time as acting captain and even managed to teach me about changing laws when I had literally no one on deadpop. There are tons of memories of your patience that stick with me a few months later now that I’ve got a good gist of the game, and I’m really grateful! On another note, it’d be super nice to have you on the discord. A bit late to say that, probably, but it’s true! I love the interactions members have on the discord.