Cap security at a percentage of crew

I have had a couple rounds in a row now where there have been 7 security members for a crew of 25. Quite excessive, and it benefits no one. With the same amount of work split over a huge amount of people most of the officers are stuck being bored. What do they do when they get bored? Start arresting people for the smallest shit because nothing else is going on.

Like it or not, security is the one department that can actively ruin the round for other players without recourse and by forcing them to sit around doing nothing just exacerbates it.

I don’t know what percentage would be acceptable to balance fun and challenge, but brig phys shouldn’t count towards the limit nor should warden since they’re in the brig most of the time, and if det stays a potential traitor they shouldn’t count towards it either.

Can’t do the time don’t do the crime


That’s a strange view of a police department. Did you try not breaking space law?


What about 60 pop when there’s only a single seccie ?


sounds like a skill issue


Security rolls get force filled, by assigning you to sec even if you had it to NEVER


Even better, make rolling security mandatory for people with antag roles enabled. If you want to ruin people’s rounds, you have to do the hard yakka of protecting people’s rounds, too. Security is still an opt-in job like any other, but if the server can’t pull enough sec from the normal population to meet a set crew-to-sec ratio, it will bulk up its numbers by forcing antag-enabled players to roll sec, too.

This is a genius idea and I will not engage with criticism.


Dude real cool
I have antags set on and I’m trying to play sec, cool idea to make it so that if you want to doink people, you must have any sec position open (secoff, warden, HoS) you have to doink the person who doinked the other person

Ignoring for a moment that this entire topic is not even an issue, I think you’ll find that most of the effective antags who can really disrupt a round have security on high anyway.

It doesn’t either when you have 50 and just a brig physician.

They do that already, yes it’s increased when they’re twiddling thumbs but the sheer incompetency of security will forever be a larger issue than the number of them. You could have 12 security officers and you still won’t get a single one to investigate someone getting murdered in the middle of the hallways

Counterpoint, engineering is the one department that can ruin the round without recourse. The number of SM delams because the one engineer at the beginning of the shift can’t bother to pull up the wiki can force the round to a crawl as things slowly lose power. Also they tend to be lazy when patching important parts of the station, which has forced me as the captain to build walls and doors so no body can just waltz into bridge. Sec at least has space law which is pretty much the only truly rule binding SOP guidelines and admins can deal with security and do when they’re online, though have you ever seen a engineer get in trouble with a admin about not knowing how to set up the SM (mostly when they are the only engineers). I get people need to learn but literally the first lesson for any of the jobs is to read the damn wiki or ask a mentor. There are tons of security related player reports, while there are only a few reports related to engineer incompetency.

This argument could have a point but with that low of pop the person to department ratio is usually fucked and honestly having 7 sec in a crew of 25 is lucky, a % cap isn’t really needed. Though brings me to the better question but is suggestion for both servers in general or just for acacia? Cause I agree acacia would need a limit.

My boy hasnt played solo sec on a 100 threat round.

Cope and seethe, the scales of balance tilits both ways.

Also, this post deserves to be on the wall of shame.

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