Can't join server after taking break from game

i have played on beestation off and on for a while now and recently wanted to get back into the game, however when i try to join i get a message just saying access denied, i don’t recall doing anything to get banned and i can’t find my name on the ban list, my name being the same as the one on this forum. I am able to join other servers, however i can not join bee golden or sage, I would just like to know if anyone can help me with this, thank you for your time.

Maybe you have connection problems ? such as unstable network ?

I don’t see any active bans on your account.

my internet hasn’t really been acting up and byond has permissions on my firewall

@GameAdmin this guy has no listed bans but is still banned, please fix

Can’t see any reason that you would be banned.

Can you try clearing your byond cache and reconnecting?

i know that having a vpn causes some servers to not work could be that if you have one

This is a byond bug, although I don’t know anything else about it beyond that. I have no idea what causes it or how to fix it, but @Crossedfall was trying to make some headway with it for someone else. I’m not sure if he ever got anywhere with it.

download a older verision of BYOND, might work

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If in doubt, revert version. BYOND is often super broken when new updates come out.

doing a fresh install of an older version seemed to have worked, thank you so much to everyone who responded to my post.


Can you let me know what version you downgraded to? Might help Lummox identify the problem