Canopus AC and Damicarus IV report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Don’t Know

Offender’s In-Game Name: Canopus AC and Damicarus IV

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01/31/2022

Round Number: 35780

Rules Broken: Rule 1 and 9

Incident Description: Dismantled escaped shuttle engines and put a sofa down so they could sit at the back of said shuttle, both as non antags. Dismantling the engines apparently increases the time it takes the shuttle to escape. They said they knew this and just laughed about it

Additional Information: Kinda LRP and self antag


Damicarus here, yes we did remove the engines but if I remember correctly it only added around 20 seconds to the timer? I understand disliking what we did but I do not consider this a major issue that requires admin intervention


It is still LRP and self antag imo

Why would two engineers working at a space station purposely dismantle the engines of the escape shuttle just so they could sit there?

we had like 15-20 minutes of just interacting with eachother beforehand, we refurbished a maint bar room and decided to ride on the engines of the shuttle

LRP? don’t really think so

self antag? up to the admins

I personally believe that this is neither LRP or self-antag to an actionable degree, I’ll wait for another admin’s opinion though.

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Depends on the situation Mr Xeapor, was there ANY threat at all to crew or station?

Well captain was just killed by pirates by the time the shuttle arrived

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that is a pretty important info, adds a lot to you report, update it and add it so other viewing this have a better idea of the situation.

This was handled in-round.

Can you confirm, @sergeikoralev?

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I had no idea about the situation of the captain, I thought the pirates were defeated ages ago

Well you must not have been paying attention to radio.

CMO revived the pirate captain, who then proceeded to kill captain and two (?) sec members

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It was handled in round.

still i do not see how adding 20 seconds to a roundend timer will matter for this and how engineers should care about a very much security issue


Why should the engineers be deconstructing parts of the shuttle in the first place, that is what I don’t understand

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The fact that you actually went through presumably(?) ahelping and then also making a player report over like 20 seconds of extra time on the escape is the fucking pettiest thing I’ve seen in a good while but I’m going to humor this sad excuse of a complaint with a few observations:

You brought up the captain vs pirate thing when you yourself mention that it happened before the shuttle even arrived. The missing engines only affect flight time, not departure time and I frankly don’t see how that is even related to Engineering in any way.

On top of that, whether or not you were the HoS, there was clearly no urgent threat on the shuttle either where 20 seconds would’ve mattered because said HoS just stood there staring at us for the entire flight, whining and trying to make us uncomfortable.

And lastly, for your question about why Engineers should be deconstructing the shuttle - it’s because in the end it’s just a dumb spaceman funny air simulator, and it’s built on interpersonal RP. It was a cute moment capping off a mostly boring shift (during which I should remind you we responded promptly to all the issues that came up) and as much as I try to RP some standards of professionalism, being able to hang out with a friend for a few extra moments in a novel situation is not something I’ll regret picking over the alternative. This should not be a second job.


Based af reply

Admins can close this