Can we get more than 1 map for mrp on low pop?

I mostly play on the mrp server and despite box being admittedly a nice station i am getting really tired of it. Would really appreciate to have any other map in the map rotation on low pop times on the mrp server. Thanks for listening.

Map sizes are the main problem here I suppose. Since it’s harder to run a larger station with fewer people.

What map(s) would you like to see during lower pop rounds?

I am up for most things as I have played box so many times the last 2 weeks I have almost learnt where the mice spawn in maintenance. I think having atleast one other map in rotation would make it much more enjoyable to play on box by breaking up the repetition. Despite their flaws I would actually appreciate kilo or pubby which are both made for low pop. Thus you wouldn’t get the almost singelplayer experience that playing with less than 5 pepole on delta would give.

If the Kilo revamp ever gets completed it could likely be added to the rotation

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mrp losers trying to split our community in 2 , I FUCKING HATE THEM, i hope rock falls on their heads and they stop fucking up our community anymore!!!

well if the rounds on lrp was long enough for you to be able to do anything of the late game stuff or had actual rp quality i might have been playing on the main server but it has none of those things so im sticking to mrp and you could stop injecting yourself into places where you have yourself admitted not wanting anything to do with. thank you.

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i wouldnt give mrp even 1 map, you lucky i aint the president here or wahtever

How it the like fishing going?

Seriously if you hate people wanting to have any rp in their space man rpg you may not understand that people want to play the game differently than you.

Bringing us back on topic…

I don’t mind adjusting the map population requirements. Our current requirements are as follows:

map boxstation
	maxplayers 60

map metastation
	minplayers 30
	maxplayers 100

map pubbystation
	minplayers 20
	maxplayers 80

map deltastation
	minplayers 60

Ideally however, we would have new maps to help fill in the gap… But attempts to create new maps haven’t been met with much kindness which has demotivated those developers.

Till kilo is back I would personally like it if pubbys min pop was reduced or removed to give us more options on super low pop. If the minimum pop has to remain you could put it at like 10. This could be temporary until we get some more maps to fill the gaps.

Sure, we can try it out. I’ll set the min to 10 for now. I think always allowing it in rotation when there are less than 10 players might be a little much. Changes should take effect whenever the next round starts.