Can somebody explain the LRP rules for me?

MRP rules seem pretty straightforward. Act like you’re a fictional character in SS13, and act like a reasonable person. That’s pretty much it, with various specifics for specific situations.

LRP seems like some crazy chaotic nightmare. Everyone has to gear up with more killing power than the actual armory and you can be killed/made valid for looking at somebody wrong. Am I understanding it right?


Stop trying to be a smug ass,we all know you are a giant crybaby that needs to spam f1 the second something doesnt go your way.Please do not come to lrp there is nothing for little crybabies like you.


And no,people play the fucking game like always.There is like 2 people that always rush the spare and the rest does their own thing while interacting with other people normally.Also rounds never get boring and its more action packed then the “Who killed captain Alex” movie.


Lol dude flagged my post for calling him a crybaby,just proves my point.


Yep absolutely right, as apposed to not being able to say “lol” on mrp and having to avoid anything on the floor or else you are powergaming and should be banned for 1e+39 years


you’ve got it wrong
MRP is just LRP but more restricted and you can use roleplay as an excuse to get away with things or do things
Also, winrawr is right
and maggot, I’m surprised you don’t know the LRP rules better considering you’re one of the most LRP people I know
hands down you RP less than alfred because alfred actually has a character with a personality and personality traits


bruh I didn’t flag you lmao imagine getting offended on the internet

literally my last 2 characters have been rp intensive.

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@TheMaggotGuy You could’ve easily asked an admin if you actually wanted to know the ins and out of LRP’s rules, instead you made this shitpost on the forums to get attention

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bruh chill it’s just a forum post

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Ah yes let me try ti provoke people and then flag their posts when they call you out on your 201st player report you made in a month span.

RP intensive


My rp intensive name was Muh Dick

Based and redpilled FUCK IT IM CHANGING MY SERVER PREFERENCE TO LRP I AM NOW BASED AGAIN. (rip old lrp you will be missed). Oh also low pop lrp is very based and epic it reminds me of when bee was kek.

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Erp intensive

Thats the only type of rp on mrp

“i hawe bwain dawage!”



Why isn’t this guy valid by default?


the faster you kill him, the stronger your ban becomes

Idk why they let players like him be on the server,he made like 10 player reports in a month.And also cries on forums 24/7.


Just because lrp is looser in terms of validity rules doesn’t mean everyone just slaughters everyone else, it was an apocalyptic hellscape before (and still is sometimes) but that was because there was no admin presence, if your gripe is with how often you’re killed or attacked, the simple solution is to not get involved, if you keep your head down on lrp or don’t go out of your way to attack people you’ll be fine, I’ll reiterate what’s been said a thousand times by saying just because lrp rules are looser doesn’t mean everyone commits cold blooded murder every round, it just gives more freedom to players compared to a restricted RP environment. Sure on MRP you could spend an hour and a half designing a circuit that sucks all the blood out of someone, but on LRP you’d actually have a chance to use it. Regardless, I doubt anyone will even read through this entire thing since this just seems to be a shit post at this point
Tl;dr just don’t provoke aggression on lrp because escalation rules still exist


this was the response I was looking for, thanks

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