Can somebody do the math

Ban Date: 2020-03-20 20:39

Expire Date: 9999-01-01 12:00

so when can i play on server again?

4196435040 minutes
69940584 hours
2914191 days

thankz, 2914191 days is like 2 years right?

well you are not wrong
its at least 2 years

Don’t worry, on the 2nd january 9999, no one will be permabanable


so when can i play on server again?

When you make an appeal and it’s accepted.

shut up bro you raped Ian

Ruko you son of a gun, captain obvious, mr smarta$$, i fucked up so hard i aint coming back from this, i did major ic oc with intent to grief/troll, and this post is created to entertain, ARE YOU ENTERTAINED???

Bruh what the hell did you do? I’ve seen people getting unbanned while they did the weirdest shit possible

I mean, what pixel said. We’ve allowed people to return from intent to grief bans before so long as it’s been a while and there seems to be change in the person appealing.

I don’t know exactly why you were banned, my bad for trying to take it seriously after searching your posts for a ban appeal.

bro im jokin around, and i aint appealing that, i just want to leave this community, because first , its gay, second , its toxic, third, its gay