Can I get a refund on the old antag token which was removed?

Heyo, a long while ago I bought the antag token in the beecoin shop which was replaced with a new version of it. I got no refund nor the new token.

Can I, uh, get one of thoose please? I spent all my life savings on it, only for it to v a n i s h

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bruh, it only gives the ingame coin item. no one has made enough beecoin to buy ackshual antag token yet iirc

I still love the fake antag token haha

Wait that can’t be true it’s only 100k and i’m already at 32k

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Yeah and the original one I think also was only 100k and I did get that

i need refund too…

what was it even supposed to do? was it just a pointless bragging rights thing

Basically a coin but heads is for antagonist and tails for not antagonist, for flipping.

It was just a toy for me to play around the entire time or make minor desicions based on it’s purpose (like if I buy that candy bar or not haha), it never actually changed the gameplay or player interaction for me.

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Cenrus bought one lol

Can you open up the character setup window, navigate to the Papa Dough Shop, and send me a DM with a screenshot of the General tab? Along with the screenshot, I’ll need your ckey as well.

There should be an item called the Discount Antag Token, which would have been what you purchased previously.


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