Can headcrabs be spawned with gold slime cores?

There was this QM that told me about being able to spawn a headcrab and then do a mind transference potion on it, but after a while of putting blood into gold slime extracts I still get no headcrab.
I checked the Github with gold_core_spawnable and found plenty of results, but no headcrab. I’ve seen watcher’s and their mutations being spawned from a gold core, but they don’t have a gold_core_spawnable tag.
Is it still possible to spawn them in? Am I doing something wrong?

No, Xenolings were removed ages ago.

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Damn, that sucks, thanks though.

Are they still in the bolt of change pool?

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Headspiders are still in the bolt of change pool, and work properly. A while back there was a xenobiologist who tested it out with a sentient mob turned into a headspider. Its not even that uncommon. Its far more common than say, gorilla, or statue.

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statues are so rare only ever seen one in 500 hours lol

I have seen a handful, and its really strong, but it is also basically always immobile because its abilities dont work for shit

If it’s in the bolt of change pool, is it in the gold slime core pool? Or is there someway to get such a bolt as xenobiologist?

it is not in the gold slime core pool. The method of getting the bolt would to be getting lucky with a magicarp with bolt of change, and not one of the other 7 or so bolt types.

Just remember that even if you get changeling as non-antagonist, you will automatically liable to be treated as an antagonist if you’re found to be a changeling.

There is almost no reason to become a changeling. You are still forced to follow normal escalation, and as soon as you’re found out you will be murdered as if you were antag because the only thing players have to go on is your claim to be from Xenobio.

Alright, thank you!

there is a reason, having cool powers and being nearly immortal

I want them totally and permanently removed from Xenobio. Anytime I see someone spend the entire round and all of Xenobio grinding for changeling it makes me die a little inside.

Of all the things the department can do, people latch onto changeling way too much and it puts the rest of what could have been done for the station to waste.

i actually know how to cheese xenobio to get them whitout boc :kissing_heart:
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What do you think we should make then? Because honestly I don’t really know so I wanted to go for changeling. If I know more about stuff that are really handy then I’d make more of them, but even when I look at the wiki I don’t really understand what would be good. When I look at all the medicines and autoinjectors I just think that sleepers can do the same thing.
When I see other xenobiologists spamming sentient mobs I just think that that’s not for me.

Simple stuff

  • Purple + Blood = Regenerative Jelly, which has no overdose threshold and can be a beneficial addition to med storage (especially when synthflesh eventually gets a much needed nerf)
  • Yellow + Plasma = Self-charging high capacity power cell. These are extremely useful in literally anything that accepts a power cell, because it will virtually never run out of charge. (APCs, Cyborgs, Mechs, SMES)
  • Dark Blue + Water = 3-use fireproofing potion - makes anything it’s used on fireproof and will make miners immune to ash storms if used on their equipment
  • Bluespace + Plasma = Bluespace crystal, which you can use to build bluespace miners and supply the station with all the ores it will ever need without relying on miners at all
  • Light Pink + Plasma = Sentience potion - let ghosts control station pets (or gold slime mobs if you’re feeling lucky)
  • Adamantine + Plasma = Golem shell - let ghosts control humanoid bodies instead of simplemobs. Requires 10 sheets of almost any other material to finish, which will determine the golem type.


  • Dominant Orange / Light Pink - Pacifies everyone in sight temporarily, preventing nearly all harmful actions but not disablers. I’m sure I don’t need to describe how useful this is for security to have.
  • Dominant Blue / Purple - Passively heals anyone who carries it around. Useful present for almost anyone, though it’s effects aren’t that major.
  • Dominant Blue / Light Pink - Passively increases movespeed slightly, and any humanoid near you in critical condition is given 5u of Epinephrine (completely stop oxyloss + gradual heal). Incredibly useful for paramedics and brig physicians.
  • Dominant Blue / Cerulean - Pre-spawns a clone, which the holder will automatically take control of upon death (in most cases). Useful for anyone going on an away mission or otherwise likely to die for some reason.
  • Dominant Metal / Purple - Infinite use item that converts injected plasma into 20u “injectors” of regenerative jelly. (Work like epi-pens, no wait on injection)
  • Dominant Yellow / Pyrite - Creates 10 sheets of bananium ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright, not bad, thanks! I kind of don’t see the use for regen jelly though since bicardine or styptic powder will do the job. Would they only really be useful for parameds to heal someone on the brink of death if they actually bother checking their crew monitor?
I’ve also heard of a lavaproofing potion, was that a mistype or can it really protect you from lava?

You can’t overdose on jelly so you can get like 500 units and constantly heal which is not half-bad. As for the potion, I believe you don’t get as much damage but you certaintly get damage when you move in it.

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Alright, thank you! Maybe I’ll learn some more circuitry so that I can automate some parts of xenobiology.

I don’t want xenolings removed, but I’ll try making shit first before I devote my time to anything else. It’s a good goal to have. Something really difficult to pull off, but incredibly rewarding is what I seek in fun jobs to do.