Can anyone explain bluespace instability

So this happend yesterday, we had just been attacked by pirates and all of the sudden the cargo shuttle refuses to leave due to “Bluespace instability”. I assumed that must have been the pirates but it never went away, even after the pirates were gone the shuttle was unuseable. I tried removing everything from the shuttle, different consoles and anything i could but nothing worked.

I assumed it must be a bug but after ahelping aparantly its a ic problem.

Anyone know how to fix this in case it happens again?

I’m assuming there was a bluespace bodybag/bag of holding/trash bag of holding with something inside of it on the shuttle.
But that’s just an assumption though.
Nevermind, just tested it and that’s not the case.

Pretty sure it’s a bug where “time” stops and you kinda got to wait it out from my knowledge, weird things happen such as being stuck on tables and other stuff

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iirc this happens when pirates use the credit siphon thingy. Should go away when it’s disabled, however there’s also a bug where loaned cargo shuttles are never returned. May be a similar issue? As for fixing it you’re probably out of luck as a player. Although there’s a decent chance an admin could fix it with a variable or a proc call if they can find out how. Wouldn’t count on it though as that’s not always easy.

This isn’t really a bug itself as far as I’m aware. It happens when the mc/timer subsystem lag for whatever reason (no clue why, not a coder). Does a bunch of funky stuff.

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Ah it probably was the pirates then, they probably were dealt with but their ship siphon might have been on. Thanks

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