Calling for community opinion on MRP rules again

  • I dislike the lore-friendly name policy
  • I like the lore-friendly naming policy
  • I dislike all of rule 4 (forced role-playing)
  • I like all of rule 4 (forced role-playing)
  • I dislike rule 9 (Powergaming)
  • I like rule 9 (Powergaming)
  • I have no strong opinion on anything.

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I want to know where everyone as a community stands and what they think is fun. This is not a poll about what is appropriate for an MRP server or not - it’s a poll about whether you think these changes will make the server more enjoyable for you personally, if the rest of the MRP rules/policies were to stay in place

I’ve seen the dichotomy of our community for a while and this poll will help me determine where everyone actually stands.

My theory is a lot of players are driven away from Golden’s revolution around trying to find any excuse you can to kill other players, whether it’s valid-hunting, valid-baiting or just an antag rushing objectives so they can start up some murderbone… but they don’t necessarily want strict RP rules either, they just want an environment that doesn’t revolve around constant death and removal from the round that makes it difficult to focus on anything that isn’t trying to stay alive.

This is your chance to show that you’d most appreciate a ruleset somewhere between Golden’s and Sage’s written rules But don’t expect immediate change if any at all


4. You Must Roleplay

Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.

Netspeak (lol, wtf, brb, etc.) is not permitted in character (IC).

Using emotes to speak when you other wise can’t, may result in punishment.

Use a lore-friendly name, and follow the naming conventions for your species. Do not use the names of famous real/fictional people/characters. Naming yourself after pop-culture items, icons, or references is also prohibited. Only clowns can use meme names.

Have knowledge of your role. If you are new to the game, we recommend playing on our main server instead.

Respect space law and standard operating procedures. Committing minor crimes is justifiable through roleplay, but major crimes should typically be avoided.

9. No Powergaming

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.

Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants.

Do not run around with all of the genetic powers, three buffing viruses and the entire armory in your backpack. This is an example of severe powergaming.
Antags are exempt from this rule.

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why make this vote, if you remove the mrp from mrp why even have mrp in the first place.

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why make a post if you don’t even read what I posted first.

I want to know where everyone as a community stands and what they think is fun. This is not a poll about what is appropriate for an MRP server or not

This poll is about how much of the community actually likes the rules that define MRP or if they’re just putting up with them (or trying to skirt past them) because it’s the server with people. And if the latter is true, it gives us something to work with moving forward.


Tbh all i expect from mrp is at least having wiki open about your job and listen to command if you dont know what to do.
for example last round when we had many devils was -
lawyer which i tried to teach how to get souls back, he stopped listening to me after getting one soul.
Next person who can do that is hop which was some ipc named swinston he was like “but muh xenos”
And after getting one soul back he want back to raising xenomorphs…
In the end me and one sec officer tried to attack devil, but since he already was too strong all my ammo was just wasted, i did my best to weaken him with getting souls back but i didnt have the staff to do it.


Implying sage is not the main server. Should be more friendly towards new people.

That is the worst and at the same time the best part of golden. Nobody who wants to RP even a little bit goes on there, yesterday was a terrible day to be a non-human for example.

For me personally this is partially correct. However, the reality is that my dream rule set would not be functional and would not be conducive of an RP environment.

I don’t know about now but some weeks back Sage had a push for more RP, and I endorse that direction, fundamentally I believe people should be held to a higher RP standard because otherwise they will not behave like actual humans but instead more like monkeys.

That’s really the main difference: Golden has no structure or significant rules, sage does.


This is not a push for sage to have less RP, not by any stretch. I just want to know what majority community opinion is and we can go from there.

When sage is the most popular server, but we’re constantly bwoinking names + powergaming, it makes me wonder exactly how many people playing sage want to.

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Truth be told, people who are being bwoinked for not suited name probably never read rules.

I personally noticed change on Sage these last few days and i think its all going in good direction.

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people who get bwoinked dont care if its mrp

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I agree, many of them haven’t read rules. I think we should have a bigger rules pop up for new players


Well, what if there is a stopwatch for having the read the rules before you can even play? That way you can just instaban people after they obviously refused to use the stopwatch time where they’re told to read the rules.

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Stop watch is an ass move, what if they read the rules on the website and then came to play?

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Then they wait 5 minutes. They’re there to RP whats 5 minutes gonna do… if they can’t wait a short time they’re not suitable for MRP

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You gotta be an ass to make sure they follow the rules.


while I don’t disagree with a rule against powergaming I do disagree with how it’s been implemented, but that’s for a more specialized topic.

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Ruko, I am having a hard time understanding the topic correctly, are you planning on implementing MRP ruling to LRP or trying to change MRP to fit better the LRP community?

I was writing a whole paragraph (which is hindsight is unnecessary) telling why I thought Rule 4 and 9 made Sage what it is and shouldn’t be downplayed but after a second read, I’m curious if you plan implementation on LRP instead.

Personally I think that the reason Golden is newbie-unfriendly is because there’s less incentive to do your job and more valid-baiting action.

  • On Power-Gaming (rule 9), the whole issue with stacking gear is that usually the players who do that will get bored and end up escalation baiting.

  • Rule 4, it lets Sec and Heads have more power over people not doing their jobs (which if the jobs are not enforced then the only mechanics you have left are valid hunting and murdering).

I’m just a bit confused where the topic is leading. If it’s supposed to be about MRP changes or LRP changes?

EDIT: made it clearer and fixed typos

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Neither. The point of this poll is purely to gauge where the community as a whole stands - this used to be an LRP dominant community and it’s been pretty foggy over the last few months whether that was still true or not.

In January we had an overnight flop where the entire community moved to MRP and started wreaking havoc. It has been said previously “well maybe everyone just prefers MRP now” but due to the extremely sudden shift I found that hard to believe… as time has gone on, I thought it was worth giving that question some actual thought and find out whether it was true or not as players have decided to keep MRP as the dominant server even through various new rules, stricter rule enforcement and even a hard cap on our population for the server.

So far based on the poll it looks pretty true - we appear to be an MRP dominant community which can affect certain staff decisions moving forward. I didn’t have any super specific goal in mind when making the poll - just some general ideas and thought having a measuring stick on our most divisive (and most often broken) MRP rules was just a good idea.

Additionally there’s already been backroom talk of making Golden less hostile than it is now, but that won’t be through the introduction of RP rules. (Probably anyway)

There is a sect of players who get all of their fun from baiting and then robusting/abusing other players. They really take the wind out of the server and make it extremely unfriendly to not just newer players, but most players who don’t get their shits and giggles by being massive assholes.

There’s discussion of how exactly to rectify this particular issue ongoing without removing the danger and chaos of LRP entirely… and also whether it’s worth upsetting said sect of players who aren’t (currently) breaking the rules by telling them they can’t do it anymore.

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Making a perfect balance of MRP and less strict RP cannot be done and will not make everyone happy. Unfortunately, someone will always disagree and want MRP but murderbone, and another person will want LRP but without murderboning and annoying stuff like powergaming.

I can’t speak about Golden that much due to just not liking the server as much, it became deathmatch with extra steps (more power to anyone who likes that) but I do think there’s a lot of Golden and Sage players who are not vocal on forums, if you’re looking for the big picture.
On another note, I had seen MRP in the title and thought it would involve Sage only, while it’s a two servers poll.

But speaking for Sage, I really like the push made with Naevi’s post, while I cannot agree with all the points Naevi made, the enforcement of the rules was a good push in my book.
I think Sage’s environment benefits from the rules greatly and new players probably get into it too.

But this is all my two cents.

If the pop cap stays, it would be nice to have either cryo storage closer to med or more beds in med so people can come and go.