Caleb Halverson Report

In-game report:


Your Discord:George

Offender’s CKEY: ---------

Offender’s In-Game Name: Caleb Halverson

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):03.24.2023

Round Number: 43271

Rules Broken: Head of Staff Conduct, Powergaming(Validhunting specifically)

Incident Description: Assistant tot, get up to the usual hijinks(Including interviewing some IPC), and get in trouble with security due to killing two of them in a short exchange. Anyway skip to the incident, Lone op came onto the station, I attempted to assist them in getting the NAD do they did most of the work themselves(Using non lethals), I then got into a scuffle with security which resulted in me being stunned, Caleb decided the best idea was to use my Esword to cut off my leg and later almost used it on the Lone OP(brought it out whilst being chased probably woulda used it if closer).

Additional Information: My performance that round wasnt really stellar either but at the same time not funny behaviour.

Ill take a look into this when i get home today.

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Alright after reading through the logs here’s my take on this. As near as I can tell I wouldn’t call what I can read validhunting as it seems every interaction here was initiated by an antagonist of some kind, be it you, another assistant, or the loneop. The HoP actually seems to have done a quite excellent job keeping in contact with security and trying to get away while trying to get security to their location. They were the acting captain at the time and as such they were defending the nuke disk, this meant that the lone-op was able to keep tracking them down no problem. reading through the part where HoP cut off your leg and proceeded to kill you isn’t great however due to the continuous fight up to that point I believe they were in the right to believe they needed to put the threats down. Especially considering that they were attacked by the Lone-Op, using lethal shotgun pellets, not even 30 seconds prior to killing you.

With all That said however, we do have this little bit.
SAY: DegG24/(Caleb Halvorsen) "i will keap it" (Central Primary Hallway (88, 132, 2))
Here Caleb is referring to the energy sword, this was after all the threats had been addressed and handled, leading to
ATTACK: DegG24/(Caleb Halvorsen) has attacked [swarmer blockade] with the energy sword (Vault (84, 160, 2))
Nearly 15 minutes later showing they still had it on them. This part, powergaming, is absolutely accurate and the sword should have been turned into the armory after the fight where they recovered it. As such I will accept this report, thank you.

Report Accepted