cainscurse/JerichoCaine ban appeal

Title: [cainscurse] banned by [piterskiy]


Admin’s CKEY:piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both

Which server did the ban happen on?

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (01/17/2020):

Round ID:11552

Ban Reason: Looted everything possible, killed at least one person. Tried to grief station with tesla

Appeal Reason:
Hi, it’s been about a year and at the time I was banned I was pretty much on a mental breakdown and could be described as more or less borderline psychotic. I would frequently grief World Server on a constant basis to the point they had to implement an antigrief system and i’m pretty much banned from every ss13 server that’s english except yogstation as they recently unbanned me, and world server as they gave me a second chance to become a good roleplayer and improve within the community.

I’m not gonna use mental health as an excuse for my actions, I take full responsibility for that. So instead i’m going to point out my credentials:

World server allowed me back on their server despite mass griefing them on a constant daily basis, and gave me a second chance. I then played with them for around a year I believe (this is a high roleplay server) and whilst I had some bumps along the way, I was able to improve as a roleplayer and stopped my griefey ways.

I recently got unbanned from yogstation as I used to do the same thing there which I did on bee, but I honestly don’t feel like it was really the right fit for me and I was hoping to enjoy a LRP server with less restrictions on gameplay than yogstation has and get back to the chaotic fun rounds that beestation entails.

If needs be, I can get a vouch from the former world server owner, Cassy.

Thank you for reading. Also if someone can help me get into the discord as i’m unable to verify that’d be nice :slight_smile:

Additional Information:

I cant speak for pitersiky of course, but if you’ve managed to improve it would masively help your case if you can get a vouch.
Without going to check it, if that ban is realy over a year old at this point i dont see why we wouldnt give you another chance, espechaly if you can get a vouch.

Thank you, i’ll ask her about the vouch now.

So I got my vouch, but i’m unable to post the screenshot here as you’re apparently not allowed to post pictures or links in thread replies - which imo is a bit stupid when you’re trying to appeal a ban, but here we are.

If you can just post the name of the admin (and server) that is vouching for you we can get it verified that way.
Ultimately it will still be up to @Piterskiy to decide on this, of course. Its his ban, in the end.

As above please post the admin name or get them to DM piter

World Server Redux. cWUPKdQ9

I have bumped up your “trust level”. You should now be able to post images.

With a year later and a vouch, I would absolutely support an unban. Leaving a ban that long with obvious evidence of improvement would be downright petty on our part as a staff team IMO.

Can I get a verdict?

As the banning admin has retired and an entire year has passed, I’ll go ahead and lift it. Keep in mind that our rules have changed, and this time please do follow them closely.


or appeal accepted, whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ALSO, you’ve misspelled your CKEY.
It’s cainscurse, not cainsecurse.