Cae does a multiround event 2: Electric Boogaloo, now with no risk of breaking

NT’s Most Wanted: A multiround event

Hello again. I have an event planned, and here is how it will work.
16 Pre selected players (or pairs of players) will take control of the 16 most wanted criminals in NT space. They will be spawned in with equipment and tasked with escaping alive. Sec’s job will be to hunt them down and kill or capture them, and everyone will be aware of your names. Those players that fail to escape alive will be eliminated, and only those remaining will proceed to the next round. The last player remaining will be announced the winner and will receive the event champion discord role.

When will the event take place?

There will be 1-2 rounds each week, taking place at 6:30PM GMT (2:30PM EST) every Sunday.

What equipment do you get?

Everyone is equipped with:

  • Full assistant outfit
  • Agent Card
  • Switchblade

Additionally, you may choose a criminal occupation at the start of the event, giving you one of the following sets of equipment:


  • Stechkin pistol
  • Suppressor
  • 1x Spare 10mm Mag


  • Combat Gloves Plus
  • Full Toolbelt
  • 1x C4


  • Chameleon Thermals
  • Voice Changer Chameleon Mask
  • Syndicate Encryption Key


  • Uplink Implant
  • 5 Telecrystals

Partners In Crime:

  • A second player, for joint applications. If you are the last two remaining, you both jointly win. You may work together with your partner in crime.


  • Clown Costume
  • Funny Clown Name
  • That’s it, honk!

How do I sign up?

Simply post below with your ckey, your discord (in case you win), the name of the character you intend to use and your chosen criminal occupation. If you plan to be a partner in crime, you must submit a joint application with your partner with both your details. In the event that there are more than 12 applications, they will be selected via lottery.

The Rules:

1: You must not be currently banned from either server and must not be currently jobbaned from solo antagonists.
2: While you are an antagonist, your objective is to escape alive. Do not murderbone or cause massive damage to the station infrastructure unless doing so will help you escape. Killing security, even unprovoked, is obviously permitted because their job is to stop you.
3: If you use mulligan toxin, dna machines or any other technique to change your identity you will be gibbed.
4: Killing rivals is permitted, but do not betray your partner if you have one.
5: If you go off and hide in space or the farthest corners of lavaland the entire round you will be gibbed.

Good luck. Applications close on Friday at 9PM GMT (5PM EST).

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Ckey: Heepox
Discord: Snowblind#3732
Intended Character Name: Hans ‘Maximilian’ Fritz
Criminal Occupation: Assassin

Nobody filling in da full details, lemme get a template up:

Discord (if you want the role in the event you win):
Intended Character Name:
Criminal Occupation:

Ckey: MiasmaToast
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): Toast#2379
Intended Character Name: Poisons-The-Toast
Criminal Occupation: Assassin

Ckey: Minelol76
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): Deixty#7276
Intended Character Name: Sean Heckendora
Criminal Occupation: Spy

Discord (if you want the role in the event you win):jotaro_cat.exe stopped working#3572
Intended Character Name:Big Boss
Criminal Occupation: Thief

Ckey: Bestparty
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): Bestparty#2159
Intended Character Name: William Smith
Criminal Occupation: Partners in crime with Powerfulbacon

Ckey: Jammor9
Discord: jammor9#9950
Intended Character Name: Bill Gulliver Swinston
Criminal Occupation: Spy

Ya didn’t pick any on the list so you’re getting clown.

Ckey: Piterskiy
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): Piterskiy
Intended Character Name: Art Knapp
Criminal Occupation: Thief

uhhh, whoops


Ckey: TottalyNotC
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): TottalyNotC#8610
Intended Character Name: Tiananmen Square Massacre
Criminal Occupation: Partners in crime with JackTheLing

Ckey: JackTheLing
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): JackTheLing ( IC Rebel Trobuble)
Intended Character Name: Rebel Trouble
Criminal Occupation: Partners in crime with TotallyNotC

My characters backstory is me and Tian used to be in the same furry phineas and ferb fan fiction reddit forum

Are regular players besides security allowed to kill the criminals?

Bro they’re antags that just can’t bone so yea

Ckey: TeomanTheGreat
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): TeomanTheGreat#1213
Intended Character Name: Phil Smith
Criminal Occupation: Thief
Wanted for running over 50 children with his 2006 Honda civic through the years 2556-2557

Ckey: MegaMemeMan
Discord: Thelegend27
Intended character name: Ratishnokov Reliovski
Criminal occupation: thief

Ckey: PowerfulBacon
Discord (if you want the role in the event you win): PowerfulBacon#3338
Intended Character Name: Burnard Silkwind
Criminal Occupation: Partners in crime with Bestparty
my backstory is that I was once an epic gamer and I hacked so hard in fortnite that the nanotrasen officials wanted to hunt me down because I game ended them. Now the most wanted criminal in the galaxy is hiding on the space station where they will leach off of the power to play and cheat in more fortnite, angering the admiral when they get killed by the bush camping gamer

(actually does anyone want to partner for the gamer gang?)


I can partner with u if you spawn sm sword and the debug uplinks :flushed:

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good idea, you are also a true gamer lets do it. haha just kidding… unless… :flushed:


fuck it lets do a gamer move :flushed: