Cadence Merryman And Denys Warren report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: mine - dukeduki

   Your Discord: dunno

   Offender’s CKEY: dunno prob FreshAss for Denys Warren and Donglesaurus for Cadence Merryman 

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:  FreshAss AKA Denys Warren AKA Donglesaurus for Cadence Merryman 

   Date (08-11-2019):

   Round Number: 8863

   Rules Broken:  abuse of power as security officer, grief, false antaging 

   Incident Description: Cadence Merryman  arrested me for no reason. he blamed me on killing a medical dude. never happend. i had a biff with a chef, but nothing to do with that. 

Cadence Merryman says, “Cause you murdered the medical doctor.”
so he jailed me for 10min. after 2 min he come back, lowered the timer few times and put it back on 10min. in this time he flashed me and had some fun with the warden abusing the power they had.
after around 8 min the warden aka Denys Warren released me. me being free i walk around. no less than 50sec of being free, im getting shot by Cadence Merryman, who dragged me into perma by blaming me for bombing medical
Cadence Merryman says, “N*gga you just exploded the medbay.”
the best part, it happend while i was in jail while he seen me in jail and he knew it wasn’t me. in fact he the one opend the door for me to leave brig.

so after a while, not sure what happend, candence and denys talked some stuff And they decided to kill me. Again, don’t know why yet. I didn’t blow up medbay nor killed any medical personal or harmed anyone beside the chef that started a fight with me.
long story short
Cadence Marryman AKA Donglesaurus (not sure about the ckey tho), arrested me Under falsehood, jailed me for 10min, and than perma and than excuted me with the help of Denys warren AKA FreshAss.
Additional Information:

I know it’s a beginner server, and I know not everyone reads the rules. What they have done is not only that it is beyond the rylebook, it is also immoral at its most extreme levels. Hope these type of players can be filtered from the server, Not just for my case, but for all of us.

if anything is missing in the report let me know

if something is wrong with report let me know, I i will do my best to fix and refine it. If what they did is perfectly correct then close the discussion.