Caboose222 banned by Admin wilsonph

CKEY: caboose222

Admin’s CKEY: wilsonph

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: 2 weeks

Ban Date (01/31/2023):

Round ID:42496

Ban Reason: As an assistant, walked into the secure tool storage to grab cloning boards without asking medbay if they could print them first, also grabbed a flash, said it was ‘in case security chased them’. Also admitted to using metacomms to talk to another player, said ‘it might be breaking another rule’. Please take this time to actually and thoroughly read our rules.

Appeal Reason: There was a single person working in medbay as there were 17 players on at the time so i was unable to ask for cloning boards, which i was going to use to sell body parts and empty husks for money. The flash i put back upon being asked to put it back, and metacomms were texting a friend to check if they were having the same issues with the shuttle i was experiencing

Additional Information: Regardless of everything i feel as though 2 weeks is a bit much

You absolutely could have? There was science staff who could’ve researched cloning for you and the single person in medical could print them for you. You didn’t even bother sending them a quick PDA message or asking on the radio, however.

The issue is that you grabbed it in the first place, with your reason being “in case security chases me”

Which was sharing IC in-round information through OOC means - so, metacomming

It’s an escalation after your 1 week ban for powergaming

See a pattern? You got stuff you should not have and you didn’t speak at all.

I’m not seeing any real disagreement over the events that led to this ban, just the duration. And considering that you got banned for a week about a month ago for similar stuff the duration is fine by me.

At least make an attempt to interact with people that can provide you with what you need before going and pilfering it from somewhere. Don’t take items for self defense ‘just in case’. And don’t talk about in-round stuff in OOC chats while it’s still ongoing.

Appeal Denied.