C.B.T. Cyborg Report

CKEY: jonnysalami

Your Discord: kiekat#0808

Offender’s CKEY: johanot

Offender’s In-Game Name: C.B.T.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-17-2022

Round Number: 37482

Rules Broken: Potential antag rolling

Incident Description: Low on materials with only enough to make one more cyborg, the last posi-brain turned on before I put a BORIS module for our AI LAMP OS into the last cyborg. Beside the disparaging remarks and what I believe I caught as OOC in IC towards roboticists (Kie mode), this new cyborg C.B.T. instantly went to cryo after being assembled.

We did not have enough materials for another 15-20 minutes to make another cyborg for the AI.

The crew had been wary of a potential malf AI for most of the round, due to its dislike of non-humans and other factors due to asimov. On my end, I think the player may have been hoping to re-enact ye olde funny cyborg comic, but was then disappointed when it discovered the lawset. My reasoning for this is the immediate cryo.

Additional Information:

As with all things Kiera, I am very limited in what I can perceive - so my perspective may not be any where close to the truth.

Potential free ez pz report? Could volunteer to do this one and then Llol can’t beat you with a stick…
(PS. I’m a huuuuge dork)
(PSS. Totally not Daridine adding this)


So… you couldnt just dismantle the borg with a wrench, then feed the posi to the recycler to get your gold back and make a BORIS?

The borg cryoing deletes the shell, along with the brain and other accessories

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Borg’s IGN is worth pointing out.

Thats fucking bullshit.

Github issue time

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I should note, I had the BORIS module already, but the single posi turned on right before I was going to put it in

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I was the other Roboticist, and was not crippled, at least from what I can tell.

Upon inserting the BORIS, the cyborg did a couple of spins and didn’t choose a module - it said something ultimately irrelevant and then left, and based off the fact that it had chosen no module, didn’t say anything, and the cryogenics message popped up only a few minutes after, I believe they immediately chose to go to cryogenics.

I also cannot find any mention of the staticname and I am unsure of if it is a random cyborg name, but I do believe that it was done intentionally; cryo takes time to send a message to chat since it gives you time to reconnect, and they effectively immediately went silent and their cryo message appeared within roughly 3 - 5 minutes of them entering cryo.


Are admins not allowed to pull logs if they are involved? I thought that rule only applied to handling tickets or reports

His CKey would be helpful to Sleuth him if he has done this shit previously.

Diggin time.

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Ok so,
Provided the logs I have the following notes:
1 minute 30 seconds between taking a posibrain and being put into a borg, during which they insulted the roboticist for some reason.
34 seconds to run to cryo, with no words to anyone along the way other than “yes”.

I cannot find anything highlighting that they were taking it due to malf AI but it does seem suspicious since they immediately cryo’d.

I’ll authorize a brief break from silicons and ghost roles. If you want to take a ghost role play the ghost role.