Byoo's epic appeal montage

Discord ID: Byoo#8387

Admin Discord ID: Mini_Meatwad#2595

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: Permanent? I never got told

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/11/2019

Ban Reason: Posting a nsfw image

Appeal Reason: I was given absolutely no warning and have posted the same image before with previous admins being fine with it.

Additional Information: The very nsfw image [Link Removed]


HoS, we must dump him into the supermatter

Its not but sure plasmaman

Ya need to see god and pray m8

sexual depiction of a minor

do you feel like byoo is more fucked than me? how many bans does byoomer got

Im losing fuckign braincells looking at these comments holy shit

ok byoomer

20 char limit

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. Would you send this to your boss and all of your co-workers?

I wouldnt, but this is a joke image that im posting in a meme server.

I will handle the appeal from now on, The image in question is bad and depicts a minor in a sexual manor, that said i think that one month is enough time for you to learn from your mistake, i will hate for other admins opinions before giving a verdict.

imo It’s not /too/ NSFW, like, it’s definitely not with “haha time to post anime pussy in beestation” intent
plus byoo has brain damage so cut him some slack

Removed the image, because obviously, admins and such can still see it though for review.

I’m a little concerned that you’re bewildered by people’s disgust, and that you don’t seem to understand what you actually posted.

On one hand it isn’t actually explicit, just suggestive.

On the other it’s very suggestive and clearly posted for shock value which is pretty cringe.

I’m on the fence but for the sake of non-admins I will attempt to transcribe the image:

[Panty shot of anime girl wearing jewish imagery]
        fuck a


Well after checking in with a few other admins, i’ve decide to unban you, please think twice before posting images.

I fucking win also fuck this 20 character limit