Byoo player report

Title: Byoo player report

My CKEY: raxraus

Your Discord: raxraus#0727

Offender’s CKEY: byo0

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Beau Richards
Date (1-3-2020):

Round Number: 11012

Rules Broken: Rule 3 (grief)

Incident Description: CE turned off APC to the bridge to prevent recall and get arrested by the HoS. According to the HoS, he received reports from his security team and a golem that the APCs were destroyed. CE was charged with sabotage according to the HoS. During his arrest CE tries to reason with the HoS but the HoS does not change his stance on the situation and believes that the APCs were destroyed instead of them being turned off. As a result, the HoS assumed that the CE was guilty and in the ahelps he claimed that he saw an unscrewed APC in the bridge and thought it was destroyed. After arresting the CE the HoS proceeds to strip the CE and demote him to an assistant. HoS also blamed CE for destroying the comms console when it was actually done by someone else. Afterward, the CE was released without his CE gear and when uncuffed he tried to choke out the HoS but instead, the CE was killed by a mech.

Additional Information: none

This was not put in the correct category. Denied due to that and time passed.