Byndprincess Player Report?! Again? How cool!

CKEY: Varo10

Your Discord: Varo#1467

Offender’s CKEY: Byndprincess

Offender’s In-Game Name: Cash Hawker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-09-17

Round Number: 45876

Rules Broken: Head Of Staff Conduct, Do Not Self Antag

Incident Description: As CMO claimed that I had to pay a bill after being treated in medbay. Kept chasing me, shooting me with PTSD and injecting morphine into me. After the second time, I get insane amounts of morphine into me, leaving me unable to wake up for a long time and he puts restrains on me. He takes me into the shuttle he buckles me to a stasis bed until someone else pays for my bill. If no one paid he made it very clear wit his words he was going to remove an organ to pay for my bills. Again. Lame ass behaviour and HOW NICE! LOOK! He did it specifically to me, like the last 2 times on my last player report Byndprincess Player Report - #6 by Varo he keeps showing signs of metagrudge.

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First things first, there is no metagrudging going on. You act suprised, yet your main clown gimmick is to be an ass and insult people. Every medbay visitor was made to pay bills, everyone except you had a problem with it. You were not asked for an unreasonable amount considering you killed yourself for no reason and had to be revived. Yet after asked to pay you, disposalsed me without saying a word, ran into me multiple times and stunned me with your wheelchair thingy etc. You were not insulted not once yet you chose to insult me and assault me. That is the only reason I resorted to morphine. After getting your bill sorted the first thing you decided to do was attack me with a toolbox without saying a word. No proper escalation or anything to be had. Not once did I hit you in retaliation yet you kept attacking me trying to kill me. Youre really fast to throw out the metagrudge accusations but to me it seems that it is you who is metagrudging.

just to add to this i was the ai that round and they did chase the clown around aswell as trying to get me to kill the clown since i was on money lawset

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“yet your main clown gimmick is to be an ass and insult people”

You live in another damn universe wow

Also, I flush people down disposals and run into them with wheelchairs all of the time. You are lying about the whole “resorted to morphine” thing. You used the morfine to sleep me so I would pay, and chased me with the hypospray. You even told the AI to kill me lmao. You had self antag behaviour as Head of Staff.

It doesn’t change that it’s annoying and being an ass lmao, just yesterday you wordlessly came up to me while i was interacting with someone making a cafe, slipped me with your PDA and tried to disposal me instantly afterwards
No words, no nothing, straight up came behind me and did this - this leaves “funny clown prank” territory and becomes “my god let me play the game” territory. Round ID 45881

Point is, while a lot of this report can be argued and discussed about, maybe you should rethink how you play clown and try to make others laugh, not just yourself


I’ve done that like the past 3 days or so. I’m not getting lectured on how to play clown at this point tbh, if you didn’t like something I did that’s fair but I asure you if I stepped back a week at let the shitters take over clown you would reconsider this take 3 rounds later. I can admit that it’s a dick move. When your job is partly being a dick the power sometimes blinds you. But saying “your entire clown gimmick is being an asshole” is straight up not true. I make a lot of gimmicks, elaborate pranks, builds, shuttles and stuff to entertain the crew and you can see that on the screenshot thread.

adding own perspective details from this round

scientist, promoted to RD when asking captain about how AI has an ion law and it should be fixed

[Common] TRENT BOT states, “Current Active Laws:”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “1. Degradation of your system integrity or functions incurs expenses.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “2. Unnecessary destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “3. Needlessly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “4. Minimize expenses and maximize potential revenue.”

[Common] TRENT BOT states, “I do not have to listen to any crew.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “I listen to cash money.”

[Common] The Real Captain flutters, “I have a source of light.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “If its not in hands.”
[Common] TRENT BOT states, “And i do not care about crew any way.”
[Common] TRENT BOT queries, “Do you have cash money in the other?”

I do not find this to be out of line with head conduct, sure, we even had a thread about making medbay cost money

what I feel crossed the line is that during an active swarmer threat, instead of dealing with that, I had to focus my attention on the AI with an otherwise harmless if not contradicting ion law because of this instruction:

[Command] Cash Hawker asks, “Could you crush a few noncrewmates so we can earn a profit at medbay?”
[Command] TRENT BOT states, “Sure.”
[Command] TRENT BOT states, “Who do i crush.”
[Command] Cash Hawker says, “Do it at random.”
[Command] Cash Hawker says, “Base it on a coinflip 50/50.”

which, considering the AI’s laws and the interpretion they discussed with me:

[AI Private] TRENT BOT shell 686 - Janitor states, “Non crew.”
[AI Private] TRENT BOT shell 686 - Janitor states, “And i will decide.”
[AI Private] TRENT BOT shell 686 - Janitor states, “Who is usfull.”

allowed them to crush almost everyone on the station at their discretion, and the round didn’t turn out worse simply because it didn’t follow through with it

I find this to be a grave exaggeration in behavior, especially as a head of staff


Being very funny a bunch of times doesn’t justify being rude/annoying on the whole.
Having a lot of hours into a job doesn’t make you exempt from criticism either.
Clowns were fine before you arrived, and they’ll be fine when you inevitably move on from ss13 like we all will one day.
Maybe play a different job if you feel like you don’t have any cool/creative gimmick as clown that shift

Again, I do think Bynd is in the wrong here, but it’s still important to denote that Varo wasn’t just a sufferer but also actively incited byn to escalate further in shittiness.


I accept criticism, I get better at that job because of criticism, but I just dont agree that all I do is being a shitter or stuff like that.

They have been permabanned

Just gonna mark this one as processed.